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Why do I keep getting scam requests?


I have only been on fiverr for about 2 months, and among the requests I receive for VA (virtual assistant) gigs. Howver I keep getting request from people want a VIRTUAL assistant to send letters on their behalf, or to make a purchase for them and send them a reciept?

Am I overacting? Why are these users allowed to make these requests and am I able to report them?

I hope there are not people falling for these!



I fell asleep at 2 a.m few weeks ago, and I got a scam request at 5 am.
I had to wake up to check the message…

I receive the scam request once a day… It really bothers me, too!
I hope they stop sending me scam requests or any personal message that is not related to my work. :slight_smile:



Yes, I’m not understanding why people would want to scam anyone, it really is annoying!

So far I have received 3 requests from buyers that were sketchy. Do you know if we can report buyers?


You can report them by clicking on the report button below their conversation.


Ok thank you!


I’m no VA but I think being a VA implies doing things on behalf of someone, which might include sending letters too? Am I missing some nuance? where’s the illegality here? I have VA friends who have been assigned the digital signature of their boss and they send mails on his behalf, that is their job as VA. I also have VA friends whose job is to maintain websites, so if a hosting package expires, they pay for it from the company account and send a receipt to their employer.

I don’t see how this is a template for being scammed?


When it comes to answering emails, I agree with silkroute. I would say it’s pretty common to answer emails. For example, when I came back from a vacation I had about 400+ emails and I hired a VA to go through it. I simply didn’t have time for it and most of them were pretty much FAQ cases. Although you need to be OK with the content and buyer needs to set up an account for you. You can’t send it out from your own email account and email signature should indicate that you are representing the company/buyer.

However, I think purchases are a little bit more complicated for Fiverr VAs. You don’t have a contract that would outline what exactly are you authorized to purchase and I doubt any of the buyers would give out company’s credit card details and such. VAs wouldn’t pay out of their own pocket and a buyer who gives their payment method access to a five dollar VA doesn’t really care about security.

So, I think sending out emails is fine as long as you do your research and you approve the content. However, I would not recommend making any purchases if Fiverr order is the only link between you and your employer.


Sorry I’m seeing this late. No, they wanted me to send physical letters using my address but sending them on their behalf.

Emails are totally different, as this is virtual and consider part of being a Virtual Assistant


That is reasonable on your part to refuse to send mails from your own name. In any case, no one should do anything they don’t wish to do.