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Why do I keep getting spam messages?

Does anyone else have this problem? I keep getting the same request from multiple accounts asking for help making an account on another freelance platform. Eventually, the account that messaged me gets closed and another new account messages me again. I have been reporting them as spam, but they are getting quite annoying. Does anyone know how to stop these messages?

Hi @zzannezz, you are experiencing a fraudster in action. Usually this person will try and attract your attention to gain either a free Gig or try and scam you further in the process. My recommendation is to keep blocking them and reporting, until the fraudster gives up :triumph:


Because spammers are gonna spam. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do from your side, other than report them and let your account age. At least in theory, spam should get less, the “older” you are here, if that’s a consolation. You might get an increase in “Help me getting orders on Fiverr, tell me how Fiverr works, give me your clients” spam then, though. :wink: