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Why do I need the approval of my customers to get work out of my portfolio?


Fiverr started doing this things when they put the animations I did for the costumers in my gig along with the review of the costumer. Now, the animations the put there were not the animations I wanted to show, because I didn’t think they best represent my content, now, fot some reason (and that’s already a problem) there is no option to removing commissions from the portfolio. So I went to costumer support and asked to remove them, and they told me to ask permission from my costumers. Now, why the HECC do I need to ask for the approval of the people I made the animation for to remove stuff from MY, and I repeat, MY portfolio. The even bigger question is why I need to ask them when it’s not their choice in the first place to show it in my portfolio, and I know that because I asked the approval of one of my costumers and he said he didn’t know it was showing in my portfolio, so I’m pretty sure it’s automatic. I got my approvals and I’m sill waiting for response, but this is really dumb and overall bad site mangement in my opinion. My suggestions? Make so that’s the seller could decide what is showing in THEIR own portfolio, or, you now, make that the seller could apploud more then one video… Ok yeah, thanks for listening, this is aproblem. Fix this please


Unless Fiverr changed something, it is the customer’s choice.

First, you turn the “Live Portfolio” option on, and then, when you deliver, customers have the choice whether to check the box that allows it to show in your portfolio or not (or maybe they have to uncheck it, but either way, the customer decides, whether they’re aware of it or not).

For future reference, if you don’t want the video you made to show in your portfolio, turn the live portfolio off before delivering.


Ok thanks. I still think I’m supposed to be allowed to chose what I want to show


You can by switching your portfolio off before you deliver. Otherwise it’s up to your buyers.


I actually agree on this one.

I don’t want to switch off the whole portfolio and there are some things that o don’t want to show like I created something not really in my style but that’s what client asked and that’s what they were happy with.

It would’ve been great to have a tool:
Client approves that they are ok to show our work in portfolio and after that approve or decline if we want to showcase it.
Similar to blind reviews system.


That’s easy. Switch the portfolio off before you deliver that particular order, then immediately switch it back on. :slight_smile:


That’s a pretty neat idea


Ok, that’s fair, but the thing is I didn’t even really now if I had an option before those commissions started showing up on my portfolio, I thought it was automatic. It could be a solution but I think Fiverr should make it more apparent that I have an option


They do make it apparent, if you read the articles in the Seller Help Center.

Seller Help Center:

Setting Your Live Portfolio:


Ok (I’ll keep writing even though “ok” is all I wanted to say because the reply is gotta be 20 characters long)


Oh, that’s a new one.

A lot of fiverr’s buyers order once or twice and then disappear forever. The chance of them responding or finding this kind of request in any way relevant to even acknowledge it is too slim. And given how little control we do have over our own live portfolios (none) this addition is kind of random and odd. Not to mention it’d force a seller to contact a buyer after the order is done which we are actively discouraged to do.