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Why do I need to promote my gig?


So I created a gig on Fiverr, and since then all I’m getting are emails and pages hammering in that I need to promote my own gig in order to make a sale.

Excuse me?

If I post a classifieds ad in the newspaper, do I also have to go around selling newspapers to people in order to have my ad seen? Is that really my job? Isn’t it Fiverr’s job to find those leads for me, to connect me with customers, and to ultimately provide me with a sale?

Fiver, start finding customers for me. That’s your job, not mine! That’s why you take a portion of my earnings. Get to work!


Fiverr’s function is to provide a platform for your business and give your gigs visibility in search results + your gigs will rotate in the categories among millions of other gigs. If the buyers choose to search for your keywords and connect with you is up to them.

By promoting yourself you’re increasing the chances of being picked by a searching buyer.


Well gee, then I guess I don’t understand. I could just build my own webpage and promote that, right? Or I could cold-call people asking for work. I don’t get why it’s so imperative that I blast social media that I put a gig on Fiverr… it’s like I’m doing free advertising for Fiverr and shameless advertising for myself.

Does Fiverr do free advertising for me? Will it put an ad in the Wallstreet Journal promoting my specific gig? I didn’t think so.


I think Fiverr does a great job at promoting our gigs. I’ve done no promotion whatsoever and I’m extremely busy. I should actually be working instead of being in the forum but I needed a break! I agree with mgjohn78 about keywords and such. Work on those and do what you can to promote yourself. It’s only so much Fiverr can do for us individually seeing as those there are sooooo many gigs available to buyers. Good luck to you.


Reply to @agvulpine: Since doing your own promotion seems so offensive to you, don’t do it! Fiverr advertises heavily on the internet, bringing customers to the site, and remains among the top 200 most-visited websites but after that it’s up to you to stand out from the 3 million other gigs. Your gigs will be rotated to front pages or top of the lists of search results along with the others. Reputation is extremely important to buyers, but until you become established you need to present yourself as well as possible to potential buyers, which includes an actual profile. Without one, you come across as suspicious or as if you’re hiding something or just don’t care.

If what you sell is unique, well-presented and in demand, you’ll make sales. If not, you’ll probably get lost among the million of gigs already here, but at least you didn’t waste your time doing self-promotion.