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Why do I not get work from my gigs?

I have a lot of views and a few clicks, why do I not get orders?


Hello there!

You might need to put more into your gig descriptions to tell buyers what it is you do - you might understand what data entry is, but your buyers might not, and a 2 line description isn’t really enough. Tell them what you can do, why they need it, and why they should choose you.

Also add an FAQ section if your gig would benefit from it.

The same goes for your translation gig BTW.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Same happens with me. You should not depend on views and click to get orders. You should have patience and promote your gigs outside fiverr ( social media , blogs,etc).
Important tip - Never quiet always keep trying.:slightly_smiling_face::blush:

views and clicks means buyers are seeing your product through the store window but deciding not to come in and buy. congrats on getting buyers close but you might consider your gig, must be something about the gig itself that is making buyers pass. consider the suggestions above.

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I have made changes to my Gigs and still nothing. Is it because I am new and they only want experienced people?

Good day

I have made changes to my gigs to be more detailed. But still there are no orders. What else can I do?

Thanks, marciavideo! it’s a great tips :+1:

Add more text in your description.Express you skills and service related topics in your description…You should remember for a client that’s why they need it, and why they should choose you…