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Why do I only make $4 instead of $5?

Is this going to continue to be this way? As a new seller, I could see how the company might take like a buck from every first few gigs sold, but do they do that for every one? :frowning:

Yes they do…they take 20% the same amount you pay for VAT in the UK!

Well Fiverr has to make its money somehow to pay the salaries of its employees and make sure all facets of the site are at 100%!

On a similar note, is anyone else having an issue with an “extra bug”?

Basically, $4 from a Fiver is fine. $12 for three Fivers is fine. But, when you sell a Fiver plus a $10 extra, you get… $8?

Check over your revenues to see. It might just be a recent programming error - a major one, if this affects payments - but I just noticed that this affected $15 orders from several months ago.

There is no bug. Think of it this way. For every $5, they will take $1. No matter how high you go, that rule will always apply.

Fiverr takes 20% right off the top. Fully worth it in my opinion.

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Reply to @beatcraigslist and @kjblynx: If you review your revenue listings, some orders register at $12 for order completion on a $15 sale. That’s fine, no complaints.

However, on specific orders that include a $10 extra, several orders show up as an $8 order completion, not $12. If that’s not a bug… then explain what it is, please!

Update - just checked a few orders listed as $8 completion and even the banner above says “Congrats! You just earned $12!”. From 20% to nearly 50%… come on…

Learn how to upsell. Create gigs worth value so you can command more than $5. High quality service = return customers :slight_smile:

Thanks for clearing it up for me. :slight_smile:

Reply to @kjblynx: I discovered the flaw. It’s not a bug, but an overdone revenue page, if you can call it that.

The original Fiver is credited with the $4, then a separate extra is credited with its own amount. Two revenue lines for one order - if you check the dates and order numbers, it adds up correctly. But, at first glance (without double-checking each order page), it looks like two separate orders. Just would be easier if the total revenue for each order was put into one line.

Ahh now I understand why I only earned $4 for my first gig sale. I had just finished a sale on English to Bahasa Indonesia translation and I thought something was not right as I only earned $4 instead of $5.

Thank you for the explanation.

but what about the processing fee that the buyer have to pay? $Its 0.50 per transaction?

That’s Fiverr and that’s how it’s gonna work.

Someone obviously didn’t read the FAQ or TOS before they joined…