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Why do I order something I don't know what it is?

Why do people order things that they don’t know how to use or what their purpose is? I create digital advertising for advertising networks and this is the third time that the buyer does not know what he will get in the end and what to do with it. Sometimes they think they’re getting a JPG, sometimes they want a GIF, and some a video. In the gig it is very clear that I am creating HTML banners. In retrospect, you can understand why it was so difficult to get the essential information from the buyer, despite the fact that I ask everything in the requirements that I need to create it. But nobody pays you for the time you spend explaining what they have ordered!
Sometimes I wish it wasn’t so easy for buyers to place orders. In the end, it is only the sellers who have a hard time coming to a good end in such cases and not receiving bad reviews that mess up the statistics.