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Why do I stop selling gigs at $5

Yes, everyone told me, but I still like to experiment by myself …

I have little experience but almost all the sales at $ 5 that I have made have been a source of problem, it attracts stingy or idiots, sometimes both, who are never happy, who do not understand English and the requirements, who try to get as much as possible for their miserable $5, plus don’t leave 5 stars and give bad reviews.

I leave these **** customers for the others.

It was just to rant, I’m going back to my meditation now (I am the flower on the photo below :sweat_smile:)


You are indeed a beautiful flower, good sir.

Jokes aside…yeah, I hear you.
I’ve had plenty of good/easy/quick $5 orders, but every now and then you get the
cheap buyers. It’s not really the buyers that order the $5 gig though, it’s the ones who
ASSUME EVERY ORDER is $5 and $5 only. Oh, what a pain.

May the meditation bring some peace to you, and once you’re done,
here, have a drink. :coffee: :tea: :champagne: :wine_glass: :tropical_drink: :beer: :tumbler_glass:


It’s logic that 5€ services bring the worst buyers:
They would be like, yeah it’s just 5€, let’s make infinity revisions, oh i don’t like it so i don’t reply and just ignore, it’s just 5€

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It depends on the service you offer. I believe there still are services that can be sold for 5$, but what you say is true. These gigs attract annoying buyers, those who want everything for little and will keep asking you for revisions or would threaten you to do what they want, otherwise they will leave a bad review. So raising your prices a little should save you from these.