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Why do many people not recommend unlimited revisions?

Hi everyone, hope you are fine.
I wonder why many people don’t recommend unlimited revisions for services on Fiverr?
I think unlimited revision will make the buyer feel that what we offer will make him 100% satisfied.
Please give me an explanation about that for me to decide to remove unlimited revision or not.

Thank you,


In reality, it makes the buyer believe you will be in servitude to them for the rest of your life.

Unlimited revisions are fine in a world full of reasonable people. However, buyers who buy gigs because they offer unlimited revisions do so to take advantage,

  • They ask for extra free work.
  • They come back weeks, months, or years later expecting more revisions.
  • They ask you for several revisions, then tell you they want to cancel.

Offering unlimited revisions is the fastest way to find yourself taken advantage of and not get any support from CS.


I admit to first using a designer who is a top rated seller and at that time offered unlimited revisions. I admit it was one thing that got me to buy from him.

I intended to fully take advantage of that, as a new buyer. I never thought one time about what the seller was going through, how hard it must be. After all, he was willing to work on my project all I wanted.

I realized when he was doing revisions I was dealing with a human being, with a family, and was probably sick and tired of me. I stopped asking for revisions out of being a decent person.

Some are not so kind. Some will ask for weeks and years for revisions. And the seller must do them. Because that is what the seller offered to do. As a seller, why put yourself in that position?


At first I was afraid that if I only offered a few revisions in each package, and if buyers were not satisfied, they would leave a bad rating.
But now I understand why many people don’t recommend unlimited revisions. I also need time to rest and gather with family.
I have decided not to offer unlimited revisions to my services anymore.
Orders will come because of the quality of our work, right?

Thank you very much for your explanation @cyaxrex @misscrystal , I am very lucky to have joined this forum.



I offer unlimited revisions on two of my packages and it’s rarely a problem. Have offered that since I began selling.

I can count on two hands the number of customers who have really gone crazy with it. One was three weeks worth of revisions, one or two a day - But it’s nearly always small changes, things that take a few minutes and depending on how busy I am I don’t stress about redelivering super quick.

I can tell you it’s gotten me a significant amount of business as a lot of customers like hand holding and appreciate not being forced into a corner with the number of refinements they are allowed.

The revisions are permitted whilst the order is active and they are not complete redesigns, but changes to the existing work. Some consider revisions to be complete redesigns which I stress on my gig page is not an option of my service - I would never be offering redesigns on a single order unless I’ve made a booboo somewhere.

I do logo graphic work though, and logo work is a bit different to say elaborate illustration or painting which could be a nightmare to edit over and over - I also wouldn’t be doing it with something like copy writing or voice over however - Not that anyone wants to hear my voice and I’m terrible at writing :wink:


CS think otherwise and will require sellers to keep making revisions even after the order is set to complete if the buyer asks and has more free revisions left (so unlimited ones could potentially go on “forever” - in reality there will probably be some limit I think). Unless maybe if you put a line in the description saying that you only revise orders that are not set to complete (if we’re allowed to do that).

Another reason not to use unlimited free revisions is that surely it could be more likely to cause a loss to the seller (eg. if a company is doing unlimited changes for no revenue, that could be one factor that could lead to bankrupcy). Also where every package had unlimited free revisions, there’s less incentive for the buyer to pick the standard/premium packages. The seller could make less revenue from using unlimited revisions, especially depending on the gig type (though like you said, it could depend on that). I assume the Pro gigs don’t use it or they’d be less likely to.


That isn’t what I’ve been told in the past. My success manager confirmed that revisions are tied to an active order in the past and in several thousand orders never had any issues refusing revisions after an order is complete. I wouldn’t doubt you may been told that in some form by CS but we all know responses and accuracy can vary from time to time depending who you deal with.

I don’t cut off customers if they need small edits either way on most occassions, which helps build return custom.

If you know the value of what you do, cost of your time, what you can absorb etc. then not really - The customer has paid a price that I know covers me sufficently and as I know what my costs and x’s are, it works out fine. As I mentioned, the expectation that customers are going to be asking for massive changes all day every day is in my experience false (this is my experience for the market I work in, I can’t speak for other services). Generally it’s going to be small edits in respect of the whole design. If it were massive rounds of significant changes day in day out, different matter entirely.

It’s also part of the bigger picture too - I have a huge amount of return customers and regularly get tips on top of what they’ve paid as well as those all important good reviews.

Agreed, my basic package for example has 5 revisions and I don’t allow that to be exceeded (mostly :slight_smile: )as the cost vs time doesn’t work out.

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If it really was unlimited revisions it could sort of lead to (practically) unlimited costs (okay not totally unlimited) but unlimited free revisions probably was one factor leading to eg. Digital Domain’s bankruptcy and losses even though they did FX on some of the most profitable films.

It wasn’t what I’d been told by CS, it was what someone else on the forum was told. See:

Though I can’t see the exact message that CS gave and I agree it may be different depending on the CS person you get. Maybe it depends on whether you have a success manager and which one/how they handle it.

But since we don’t have the option to choose which CS rep we deal with (eg. when there’s an issue with a customer wanting much too many revisions) surely it’s not a good idea to offer them (surely 9 max would be better and also no one can really give an unlimited amount).

Also maybe unlimited revisions helps get orders but for revenue per order, lower numbers of revisions are surely best. Really maybe Fiverr could add 10 to 15 free revisions in the selection for the seller so people who want to offer a lot of them but not way too many/an infinite amount can do so.

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Yes theoretically sure, but I am speaking only from my experience, where the “cost” of offering “unlimited” revisions isn’t significant enough for me to remove it, spinning that a different way, it brings me greater business than without it. I was offering a counter argument to the original posters question.

Of course, I could remove it tomorrow and see no impact but my gut instinct suggests it would have a negative impact (e.g. messages from customers in advance of ordering, querying order revision limit etc. is a frequent thing). That is all I can go off and it works out OK for me.

We all have to follow the same rules, no matter how silly some of them are - I’ll query it at some point in the future - As I say, never had an issue in over 5 years now. But never say never as the saying goes.

You made a good point in making it clear on the gig page. I frequently tweak my gig page to cover all bases, I think I’ll add an FAQ question/answer to address that JUST in case :wink:


That isn’t what I’ve been told in the past. My success manager confirmed that revisions are tied to an active order in the past and in several thousand orders never had any issues refusing revisions after an order is complete.

That’s interesting. I gotta dig up my success manager’s email.

Someone posted a CS screenshot the buyer sent them after they refused to do revisions after the order was marked complete. It read: “Not to worry! You can always reach the seller via inbox for revisions!” (paraphrasing). The tone was as enthusiastic, though.

I wish fiverr would get a more consistent position on this matter.


I wish they were more consistent on all communication - It’s like playing russian roulette sometimes.

That response could be taken in a number of ways in my opinion, reach out to the seller and request more revisions as a paid service for example? (appreciate it was paraphrasing). It’s vague responses like that, that wind me up. It feels like that happens a lot, you want a straight answer but it’s an answer wrapped in a riddle wrapped in an enigma half the time!

It wouldn’t surprise me if they had changed their stance on revisions going on beyond order completion (automatic or manual) because it makes zero sense and it’s often the least obvious things that get implemented these days.


It sounds clear to me they were saying that any time they want a revision to send a message to the sellers inbox.

Unlimited mean no limits. It doesn’t mean unlimited until the seller decides not to do any more.

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Yes it’s clear they’re saying message the seller if at any time you want a revision, naturally a customer is always welcome to do that. What it doesn’t say is anything else.

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Please check the below mentioned link and I am sure you will get your answer.


Not for me - I’m not searching for one anyway.

I think in summary, if you want to offer unlimited revisions and you’ve carefully weighed up the pros and cons then do it. If not, that’s fine too. Whatever works for you as a seller.

Keeping your health/sanity/happiness and making a good living is the aim of the game here :wink:


Its not a good idea because you could be doing revisions for the rest of your Fiverr life.


Since I’m video editor, i dont offer unlimited revisions, it always leads up for a nightmare. Its not small changes, that changes takes hours and hours, + exporting videos again again take serveral hours.
So i offer decent amount of revisions, plus if its a small change i always turn up for them and change it even order is completed.
Thats how i keep my 50+ buyers to come back again and again :slight_smile:


yes indeed , it’s a great opportunity for the buyer to come back after a year…after two years to request revisions because well… you know you offer unlimited revisions :slight_smile: if that’s what you want I think it’s an awesome idea to offer unlimited revisions.


On one of your gigs (vlog, youtube video editing…) you do offer unlimited revisions on the premium package though.

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Yeah, that one have it, nobody have used it, and that gig sells maybe once a month something :smiley: