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Why do mutually canceled orders negatively affect my stats?

I don’t get it. I had a regular who accepted my custom offer, but failed to upload the user requirements. I asked him what was up, and he said he’d had some family issues arise. He apologized and offered to let me keep the payment (which I couldn’t have done even if I wanted to because Fiverr holds the money in limbo until the order is complete). I told him it was no big deal, that there was no way I was keeping his money, and went through the steps to cancel the order. So why do I get penalized for being the good guy?



I am sorry that Fiverr has not been of much help in your situation. As of right now, Fiverr doesn’t really have a system in place to differentiate situations like yours (that are in need of a genuine order cancellation) from other, less meaningful requests for cancellations, without impacting your order completion rate. Once they are able to make that distinction, they might be able to selectively exclude people (with a genuine reason for cancellation) from being penalized.

I really do hope that they are able to implement such a system soon enough because I think it is a real PITA for a lot of sellers (and some buyers too!).

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I thought they at one time asked the buyer/seller to select from a list of why they were cancelling. Surely it would be quite easy if things like “Ordered by mistake” were in the list and for them to be excluded from the affecting the seller’s stats.

eg. for each cancellation reason in the list , have a flag that indicates whether it will negatively affect the seller’s stats. Obviously for “Other” it won’t know and they may have to make it affect them (or not. they could also check the actual text specified for “Other”). But for the predefined ones they will know.

What you could have if he wasn’t able to upload them because of family issues is tried asking politely for a delivery extension. Maybe he would have needed some more time.

Also, if the clock doesn’t start till the requirements are added (eg. if one of requirements are mandatory or maybe they only start when the user selects “I have specified all necessary requirements”. There shouldn’t be any issue (as long as the user enters the proper requirements before selecting “I have specified…” and that they do eventually fill in the requirements and start the order). ie. if the clock wasn’t ticking and they said they had family issues, you could have let them wait until they they were ready to enter the requirements and start the order, even if that was quite a few days.

Sadly, ‘back in the day’ some sellers used the ‘mutual cancellation’ reason to avoid a negative review - if the order was refunded, no review was left, and they got away with delivering sub-standard work without being penalised.

Understandably, Fiverr decided to do something about it - hence the monthly evaluations and completion stats which are affected by cancellations. Unfortunately, all cancellations count towards the completed stats, including completely innocent ones like the case you mentioned.

Many of us have been in the situation you’ve described, and you’re completely right - it isn’t fair. However, until Fiverr somehow works out a way to differentiate between sellers cancelling to hide poor work and sellers who are trying to do the right thing, or indeed sellers who’ve been bought from by mistake, then all cancellations are going to count.

I am really sorry this has happened to you, but well done for being so understanding of your buyer’s situation. :sunny:


You should really stop spamming multiple threads with same thing. 1 thread you made is perfectly fine, you don’t need to spam all other threads…

On the topic… I know the feeling. But, unfortunately, every cancellation has negative effect on seller…


If you’re spamming them like you’re spamming this forum, they’re far more likely to block you than to respond to you.

Also, Fiverr is set up so that buyers can place the orders directly. You can ask that they contact you first, but they’re not obliged to do it.

@rmburgess, I’m sorry it happened to you. Unfortunately, that’s how it is now, due to way too much abuse of the cancellation system in the past. Hopefully they’ll do something to make it more fair in the future. but the way the things are now, I wouldn’t hold my breath.


I have to book blocks of time for my gigs weeks in advance (I edit), so that’s not really an option. I can’t have him accepting an offer at any random time as I will likely have other orders to complete.

You’d think that’s what the mutual cancellation is for. I suppose they just need to implement a way to audit the reasons behind each cancellation.


Maybe changing the “limit orders in queue” field could help prevent too many people ordering a gig at once (though things like that aren’t really precise enough). Maybe also when you send an offer you could put a time limit (specific number of days) on it if you don’t already (for offers that allow you to - the ones sent in the Buyers Request pages don’t).

I’ve considered limiting the number of orders, but it’s not conducive to my business. If I get a request for a 150,000 word manuscript, I usually have to book it a couple months out. If I get a 500 word manuscript, I can usually fit it in that day. If I limited the number of orders, I would miss out on these smaller sales.

And Fiverr only allows me to select a delivery time up to 30 days out (which is annoying beyond belief). For gigs I need to book beyond this time frame, I either need to do an extension or I need to explain to the customer that I cannot send them the custom offer until a certain date. It’s incredibly annoying and comes across as unprofessional.

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I agree Fiverr needs better options for things like that.

You could create a gig that was only for short manuscripts (eg. up to 500 words or up to about 1000 words) and another gig/gigs for longer manuscripts. You could then put a higher value for “limit orders in the queue” for the short manuscripts gig than for the longer manuscripts gig(s).

The trouble is Fiverr doesn’t have a limit for the “total” amount (all gigs) in the queue (where the total could take into account the amount of work involved eg. where the gigs/packages that were more time consuming would have more affect on the total than those that were less time consuming).

But at least if the long manuscripts and short manuscripts gigs were separated it might be better (you could pause the long manuscripts gigs if needed).

Yup. Fiverr automatically offers up to 10 (maybe it’s twenty now since I went up a level?) gigs per purchase. So I could offer a gig for just 5,000 words, but then those with 40,000 word manuscripts will just go ahead and purchase 8 of them. The buyers can also double purchase. For example: purchase 10 gigs twice for a total of 100,000 words. It’s so lame. I literally have “please contact me for a custom offer and current delivery time” on every facet of my gig descriptions.

Even still, I might consider doing this.

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Fiverr count this as “we” the seller cant do the “work we offer”, thats the all thing x.x… many years having the trouble, even if the buyer just make a mistake ordering the wrong product

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Just had another one of these. Buyer can’r read. Expect work they don’t pay for, but have just ordered without contacting me first (despite me asking them to on my gig). Buyer flips out and cancels the order = my completion rate drops just in time for the levels review, so yet another month or two if being unable to return to the level where I was for 5 years.

Best bit is the buyer sends a slightly apologetic message this morning after the horse has bolted.

The system is insane. I’ve a 100% 5* rating over 5 1/2 years. A 100% response rate. A 100% Delivered on time rate. But I can’t even get back to level 1 let alone level 2, because the system has no capacity for dealing with buyer error (or as I have also experienced an upsurge in, experienced Fiverr sellers trying to get a lot of work for no money to add as content to their own gigs - eg people who know exactly what they are doing - trying to abuse the system, often through flat dishonesty, and always just before or after the monthly review).

I understand the fact that mutual cancellations still punish me (which is totally unfair) because it was abused and because monitoring it would cost time and money.

But if anyone with any influence ever reads this, why can they not just give sellers the choice of accepting, declining or negotiating an order. Then no one gets messed around.

I know my complaints will sometimes get met with smug forum regulars saying how it doesn’t affect them and it must be my fault, but that’s because as a small volume seller I am much more vulnerable to the vagueries of the system than someone who has a large volume of simple repetitious transactions.

Others say that the company knows about and acknowledges the issue, and are looking at a change - but I was first told that 8 months ago, so they can’t be looking very hard.

Essentially, the system has changed to benefit the buyer because the buyers now pay a significant order fee, and the site is so popular that individual low volume sellers are utterly irrelevant to those who can actually make decisions. What is so frustration is that it would be so simple to change without impacting at all on consumer sovereignty.