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Why do my gigs gets high rank?

i have new account and i want to know that how can i rank up my gigs.


Welcome to Fiverr
Share you gig on social media .
Try to stay online maximum time.
Create your gig image high quality and attactive.


Marketing your gig on social media.

We just had several conversations on this very subject earlier today. You waltzed in here looked at none of that. Things that would have answered your Q really nicely - I know because I made a really good post on what the Fiverr bot wants :wink: Instead, after one whole minute, you blindly asked the same Q, waiting for an easy answer like you are the Emperor who wants new clothes.

I am sorry but in this situation you really are showing that to succeed in freelancing, you have to do a lot better. Do your research and learning, instead of waiting for it to arrive. Or…

BTW the advice above my post from @raihanrb is repeatedly proven :poop: so I would suggest that even tho it seems attractive, best not to lick it.



Marketing yur gig on social media

welcome to fiverr forum family :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:
you shear your gig all social media

you shear your gig all social media.

Copy & paste wot!

You even copy & pasted his smelling terror. Eye am not shore weather to laugh or to cry (for you or at you)


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Hi @mariaguadalu875 , try to write SEO friendly title, description and beautiful gig image

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I agree with u, newbie can follow ur advice.

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Your topic title is not relevant with your needs. Everyone who will see your topic title, they will understand that your gig has already higher ranked. Isn’t it?

I see you have got many false suggestion for higher gig ranking ( Ex: Social media share, be active online, gig image etc). I am sure that everybody know this cheap suggestion, you also know this.
It will never help you for getting higher gig rank.
GIG rank totally depends on Fiverr algorithm and it works on many factor.

Sometimes very Good gig ( excellent performance, have many 5 star rating) , dropping from first page to last page without any reason. But not all GIG

Similarly, very new gig comes first page suddenly. But not all new gig.

It is fiverr algorithm.
If you able to complete some orders from your personal marketing ( if don’t have order from fiverr) with five star rating, your gig will get higher rank for each order. It is proved.
After a period, you will get order from fiverr.

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