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Why do not Fiverr send a remainder (notification) When the order has about 12 hours of work?

Yesterday I updated the mobile Fiverr Apps. Since then, Fiverr does not send any reminders for 12 hours before the order is completed.

If would have been great if Fiverr had sent a reminder 12 hours before the Fiverr order was completed.
As before Fiverr need to send a Reminder that completed order is due in 12 hours


They do send it. And in app and in web versions.

Try to check your what kind of notifications you have turned on in your settings


Thanks for information … :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :heart: :orange_heart:

Maybe your phone was on silent when they send it.
It will be sent to your email as well

Honestly if you are a professional and stay on top of your work you don’t need anyone to remind you of deadlines. If it helps set your own reminders on your phone so you don’t have to depend on a third party to do so.