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Why do payments take 14 days to clear?

I’ve searched for this answer and I’ve seen many ask the question but no answers to the question. Knowing Paypal, they don’t need to take 14 days to release funds to you. Why does Fiverr hold the funds for so long?

After delivering order, it can be cancelled by buyers and the amount will be deducted from sellers account.

14 days ain’t much. Once you start getting dozens of orders you simply won’t notice that. Imagine if it was 21 days like eBay/Paypal does for new sellers?

14 days ain’t that much.

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I have to agree with rogersgoods. Once you will get lots of orders coming in, you will barely notice the 14 day time frame. :slight_smile:

I agree won’t take long before you start getting money cleared everyday. besides every job on the planet has a grace period suck it up:_)

well said