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Why do people accept gigs if they can't do them?


This is the third time people have accepted to do a gig after I’d specifically asked to check before accepting, because others have then cancelled and then guess what? They request to CANCEL because they realise that they can’t do it either!!! Can’t people read??

Good job I wrote well in advance “Are you sure you can do this?? Please check because others have cancelled the gig after saying that they couldn’t”.

Reply "Yes, yes, I can do this, I’m sure bla bla bla"

Two hours later ‘request to cancell gig’. What a crock of… So my money gets stuck on fiverr for another gig… this is the friggin third time WTF.


It’s because the seller does not write you the message you get asking for instructions.

It happens to me all the time.

It’s an auto message. When the seller sets up a gig they write a message that appears when people order.

So when they cancel, it’s because they never wrote you the ‘Thanks for ordering’ message. It’s automatic.


It happens sometimes, I have only one bad experience here with a flash animation, 15$ into the trash… but most of the times the sellers are good proffesionals.

I have also 3 cancelled orders, but all of them was because I was in hospital with my father and forget deactivate the gigs…

And, what´s your order about?


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