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Why do people order things sellers do NOT offer?


So one buyer I’ve worked with in the past has suddenly started putting in their order details that they want their document to be more focused on keywords and SEO. NOWHERE do I state that SEO services are something I offer or something that I want to offer. Quite frankly, proofreading and SEO are antithetical. I quit writing because I have zero desire to write for algorithms.

But that rant aside, what is it with ordering from people who offer one service and then asking for something else in the order requirements? Do these people go to their hairdresser and ask for a full body massage? Like, what? Why? …and for obvious reasons, I can’t get out of this by cancelling…

What do?


Just stick a keyword of their choice into the first paragraph and somewhere else toward the end, and that’s it.

Problem solved. I wouldn’t suggest that ordinarily but that’s what they want and it’s easy to give it to them. Also send them an offer for an extra $20 for SEO. They probably won’t take it but you can try.

They do it because they are


I don’t know.

I lost faith in the average buyer a couple of years ago. I was away for a month, so reduced my word count to 100 for $5. I stated this revised word count in my gig title, opening paragraph, and order requirements section.

Despite this, numerous buyers bought my $5 gig and messaged me saying, “I want a 500 word article on…”


In that case, tell the buyer that this is not something you offer in your gig and that besides that, the original writer should be doing that, not you. The content creation flow should be that and if there are particular words or phrases that they want to target that they supply you those so that you don’t disrupt them, not so you can add them!

As suggested above, you could just charge an extra for doing it and take it on but I would avoid it if it is something you don’t do. You could also tell them that as you don’t really do SEO, having you do it would not be a good idea - which is true - there would be issues about keyword density, synonyms, related keywords etc. Not something that is a good idea to bluff or “have a go at”.


I only suggested that because of the sheer gall of the buyer to ask that when it’s not what is being offered. It’s obvious that’s not what the gig is about and yet there they are, asking for it anyway.

And basically that IS SEO. Whether that is the formula that is working for google on any given day is a mystery to everyone. Putting in a keyword is no longer the way it works and yet that’s what they are asking for. It won’t hurt and might help. Who knows. Hopefully they want a very uncommon keyword.


Well, in the end, I had a frank discussion with the buyer and they said they still want their product listings to be grammatically correct, so I’ve still got work, but they’ll find someone who specializes in SEO to deal with keywords, so, no biggie. That said, doesn’t not change the original frustration and trying to understand what is wrong with some people…


I have seen this come up before on the forum, and I find it incredible. Buyers must just click and hope! I have never had this, so I would be a bit annoyed that I would see a cancellation for something I didn’t create. Well, we live and learn!