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Why do people strive for other sellers to get their gigs favorited? Does this have any special SEO principle that I don’t know of?

I mean the topic stands for itself. I don’t understand what they are trying to achieve or maybe it’s just a thing I don’t know about as I am new over here. What are your thoughts on this?


Idk, yes it can give you a boost regarding some new clicks and views…
what I know gig favorite feature is like a bookmark for a buyer so that he can comeback to the specific gig afterward…


Yep fav is like a bookmark :bookmark: help buyer easier to find the gig.

The seller can of course increase their impression and click on the analysis page , but those are just fake and means nothing. (Maybe you will feel delight if the no. Get up)


Well technically I need the buyers to bookmark my gig. Not random sellers just bookmarking them for no reason at all. @akib0079


Does bookmarking of hearts even help?

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Y’all are wasting your time giving each other ‘hearts’ by marking Gigs as a favourite.

It has NO IMPACT on SEO.

It just permits you to find that Gig again as a bookmark (as mentioned in this thread).

The ONLY trick you can use to impact SEO on Fiverr is to ensure that you have used the correct keywords in your profile/Gigs related to your niche so that when someone does a search for service, your Gigs will appear somewhere (not likely on Page One) in the search results.


Yeah, technically you’re right cause there is no efficient way to hit 1 on the page unless you’re a level two seller.

But how can a newbie like me land clients with no impact?


Like above said heart is an just bookmark. Anyone other that potential buyer hearting doesn’t affect anything.