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Why do people that don't speak english (and don't even try to) want to buy from fiverr?

Ahn… I said “I’m not a native speaker” cause I’m doing exactly what you said. “You lot should get out of your bubble”. I learnt English to communicate with people, I learnt Spanish to communicate with people, I’m learning Japanese to communicate with people. How else would someone communicate with clients from another country? Google translate its not an option, have you tried using google translate to translate Japanese? It’s hell. I’m not going to just sit and do nothing when someone tries to ruin my completion rate just because they thought I sold something I DON NOT sell and then force myself to cancel the order translating Arab with google translation.

And please, note that I never said that this plataform should use only english and that broken english is bad. I hate people that do not try to comunite, those are the ones that don’t get out of their bubble. I had french, finish, ukranian and arabian clients that knew only broken english, but they tried to comunicate and they WERE KIND.


Yep. And besides, the higher you go up in price point, the more good communication is needed. Of course being kind and trying is positive, but if I charge $100 an hour for my time and it takes me two hours just to understand what the client is trying to say only to find they are willing to pay pennies on the dollar for what they need, it’s just a waste of time. Unless you propose having different prices depending on the client’s english level and ease of communication to take that into account?

Same as a buyer, if I value my time I want someone who will communicate effectively and efficiently, not just “be kind and hardworking”. Time is money. If I’m spending 5 bucks, maybe I don’t care about efficiency (or even the end result), so it doesn’t matter much. If I’m spending a lot, I won’t be doing it on someone who doesn’t communicate well.

That’s why I always say in a platform like this, for the majority of creative gigs english is the most important skill you can have to earn more, above any other skill. You can be very good technically, but people who value their time won’t hire you if you don’t “get it”.

I’m also willing to bet (even though I don’t have the numbers), that orders with either one of both participants having broken english will have much higher cancelation rates, revisions, and bad reviews. It’s bad for the seller, it’s bad for the client, and it’s bad for the platform.


I am a seller and it was kind of a pain in the ass when I had this one buyer who almost gets me crazy for his english. ahhahaha, however, patient is virtue. at the end of the day, we became friends because we have the same passion. I never bother to entertain him after he ordered gigs to me twice. I even fix his revision a lot of times without following the limits of my revision counts. It was kinda fun to have a friend and a buyer. He even give me a free e-book which he sells in kindle for 34 dollars. I am happy to have friend like him. He is a spanish :slight_smile: