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Why do people want to be proofreaders?

I can’t believe the number of people who create gigs for proofreading and when you look at their existing gigs they are all something totally different. Then when you look at their gig and profile descriptions they are full of grammatical errors. What is this all about?


Maybe because everyone thinks they’re an “Engleish Exppart?” :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s because there are so many tools out there that automatically correct grammar and spelling errors, proofread and all, so it’s easy to make some nice bucks by simply pasting the buyer’s document in those tools and sending the “corrected” work at no effort than a few clicks!

It’s probably the same reason why so many “SEO specialists” have surfaced lately.


They think they can run a document through an online proofreader or word processor program and it will be an easy way to make money.


Didn’t know there was such a thing as an online proofreader. Every home should have one! :slight_smile:


I don’t think people who do this even know what proofreading is and think it’s running it through a spellchecker or Word’s proofreader.


Some blog somewhere probably told them it would be easy.

The same blog that advises to use pretty, young girls, and logos for easy buck.


Proofreading is seen as an easy job that, as others have said, can be done with Grammarly or other programs.
When I tested Grammarly Premium, I found that approx 50% of the “errors” it flagged were either incorrectly flagged or the suggested fix was incorrect. I also found many, many more issues that were not flagged.

Unfortunately, many sellers think Grammarly or similar are sufficient and of course, many buyers do not know any difference. I think it is probably useful for things like writing emails and social media posts - the things its ads show - but not for anything beyond that.


Just thinking … I could be a proofreader but I don’t want to! :slight_smile:

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And some of these tools make things even worse, hahaha.

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Imagine you need some work in Hindi and you hire a translation guy and he does his job. Now you don’t know Hindi and you are not sure about quality of grammar and you can’t do it your self. That’s when a proofreader comes in action.

You can always do it with software but people don’t trust machine translation and same goes on for proofreading.

P.S. - I got a Hindi file for proofreading which was also done by some software and it made me busy for quite few hours.

When I was testing a bunch of proofreaders, I bought $10 gigs from various sellers.

One of them sent it back with the “correction” being to remove the words - Only twice. So basically, it cost me $5 per word.


Well I once corrected around 100 words in a file and later buyer cross checked it and found I was correct. Got paid good on that one.


So this proofreading is lucrative! :slight_smile:


If you’re good at it, then yes. :sparkling_heart:

If not, you’ll be in the Ranting Pot complaining about the 1 or 2 star review you just got. :wink:


I would be good at it but unfortunately do not have the time to do it. My other sources of income are much more lucrative. :slight_smile:


Exactly my thoughts. Plus, I cannot imagine myself coping with multiple proofreading orders without going insane or eventually blind. Or maybe I’m a :chicken: lol


Please don’t wake up sleeping dogs.
There are folks on the forum searching for things that are lucrative instead of things they actually are capable of doing.


Never mind the fact that it really isn’t that lucrative. Trust me, it’s my only gig. I am not getting rich.


Some of my buyers use it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If they tell me “I’ve already ran it through Grammarly, so it should be easy work for you”, I ask them to send me the version before they used Grammarly so I can properly edit it.

Grammarly makes my job harder because people blindly accept the suggestions—which, as people have said, are very often wrong.


It definitely takes a high volume of buyers (especially authors with larger works). Maybe you’ll experience a sales rush after the algorithm adjustments :slight_smile: