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Why do seller have to suffer everytime

I recently received and order from a buyer, and I am at no fault. I just want to do my work and become a higher seller and maintain my ratings I love to work on this platform and now this happens he wants me to cancel the order because he doesn’t have enough material now if I cancel it, it will not only hurt my ratings but put me down in the search option. I really don’t understand if I am no fault why do we have to suffer.


While this is unfortunate and unfair - and no fault of your own, you should contact Customer Service and explain what happened, backed up by any correspondence between you and the buyer and ask them to cancel the order. Ask if they can cancel it so that it will not affect your completion rate. May not help with the search part of your query, but, at least, may help with your stats.



Fiverr finds that sellers will scramble to save an order any way possible. In cases like yours you are collateral damage.

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I totally agree! They helped me twice: when someone wanted me to make their essay (even when I explained it was against TOS), and when one person placed 4 similar orders due to errors in payment system.
However, there’s a chance they will tell you it’s impossible. Everything depends on the representative.