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Why do sellers ask that I always communicate through messaging, not through Request for Revision?

Why do sellers ask that I always communicate through messaging, not through Request for Revision?

If you’re requesting a revision, that means exactly what it sounds like: you are requesting that the seller revise/re-do something about the order they’ve just delivered because it doesn’t meet your satisfaction or the terms of the gig. If you really do need something about their delivery revised, using the “Request Modification” button is appropriate.

However, if you simply want to ask a question or discuss something not related to any type of revision/re-do, requesting a revision is totally unnecessary (i.e., if you have no revision to request, it doesn’t make any sense to use the “Request Modification” button).

After delivering an order, I sometimes get a notification that the delivery was not accepted and a revision has been requested. Then, upon reviewing the order page, the buyer simply wrote a follow-up message or question, such as, "Thanks! How do I turn of the tracking feature in MS Word?"

Obviously, that buyer is not needing a revision or modification to my delivery. They simply had a question about their own software, but I still have to mark the order as delivered again. It would have been more appropriate for them to simply post the question in a message on the order page instead of unnecessarily using the “Request Modification” feature when there really is no modification needed.

I bet the type of gig may be one reason why they don’t ask you to use the modification button. It also could be a matter of preference. But to be honest, either way should work as long as the two are communicating with each other. So if all is going well and to keep everyone happy why not. Lastly, glitches, glitches, glitches. I know my account has a communication glitch that seems to only be associated with my account and when communicating with my clients I point out the glitch to be sure we are on the same page.