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Why do sellers have to deal with evaluation when buyer is at fault?

So I had this 100% gig completion rating on Fiverr even with few orders but then a ***** turns up out of nowhere, orders my gig without reading my gig details and I end up disputing the order.

End result, my 100% completion rate gets slashed to 50% because it shows I requested order cancelation.

Why am I at fault? What options did I have?

To resolve the problem by offering something beyond my scope of work? That’s not customer service.

It’s called bulling the sellers!!!

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You must get very few orders if one refund can lower your order completion rate by 50%

I lose 1% for every refund. Ironically, I’ve had 3 refunds in the last 60 days and my order completion rate is 96%. It should be 97%.

I sympathize with your situation, but this is the system we’re living under. Look at the TRS’s that ended up demoting because their Response Rate was under 90%. They got hurt for not responding fast enough, and now they’re not making the same money they used to.

Keep selling on Fiverr, your 50% will become 75% and 100% soon enough.
Rewrite your gig description(s) to ensure even an idiot understands what you’re selling.

I don’t believe in long gig descriptions, people are lazy and don’t always read them. You have to be proactive and plan ahead.

Sometimes having a line in bold can help.


Yes, I deliver very few orders but they are usually on time. The question is why should any seller bear the wrath of buyers mistakes and hurt their rating.

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We shouldn’t, before the level system, you actually had to violate TOS rules to get demoted, or you had to be constantly losing orders for being late. “Order Cancelled. Seller Failed To Deliver On Time.”

Before, I used to tell sellers that it’s better to refund than to get a bad review, get as many orders as possible, don’t worry about refunds. Now it’s the opposite, now we have to worry about order completion rate.

This was me last year, before the level system. These are my refund loses:

2017 Net Cancellation Loses

January 120 10.00%
February 168 12.00%
March 192 14.00%
April 192 12.00%
May 136 8.00%
June 48 3.00%
July 145 7.00%
August 252 12.00%
September 188 17.00%
October 236 16.00%
November 96 5.64%
December 84 8.40%
Total 2016 1857 12 154.75

I was losing $154.75 on average per month.

Now look at this:

2018 Net Cancellation Loses

January 152 15.80%
February 64 10.12%
March 60 11.70%
April 35 5.44%
May 35 4.48%
June 0 0.00% No Refunds
July 16 2.66%

Total 2016 362 12 30.16666667

I’m losing a lot less money, but also making a lot less money.

On August, 2017, I made $2068 and lost $252 or 12% of my orders. If the level system had existed last year, I would have gotten demoted.

So I totally get where your coming from, but alas, Fiverr believes in the level system so we’re stuck with it for now.