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Why do sellers lie about their abilities

I’m having issues with fiverr as a buyer. I have paid 3 people so far to do an illustration, both of which assure me that they have the skills and ability to do it, i wait 5 days and get something unlike i requested. any suggestions as a buyer? Still haven’t recieved anything like what i’ve requested, but still have people who claim they can do it.


I am sorry for your bad experience. However, you can ask for revisions IF the final delivery doesn’t follow your initial requirements.

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1- You need to communicate with your sellers, give them details about your needs and answer thier questions, some buyers share 1 or 2 sentences and think that the seller can imagine the rest… if you gave them all the info and still have the same issue, hit request modification button and ask them to change their work.

2- Read your seller gig description and check her/his portfolio… do some researches about your seller before you order…

3- Some buyer just look for cheap seller and they ignore the long list of talented sellers just because they don’t offer 5$ service… use fiverr search to find expert sellers, you may pay more, but you will get better work.


First off, it is against the rules to share your personal information on this platform. It seems that you responded through your email. Kindly edit your post and remove your personal information from this thread.
Now, to your actual question. If this is the case, then you can get in touch with the Fiverr CS and they will cancel the order for you.

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I have done my research, contacted sellers and communicated very clearly the things i was looking for. a ton of them were honest about their abilities and did tell me they couldn’t do the work, but about 5 told me that they could. i looked deeper into those 5, ruled out 2 that had no work on their portfolio that resembled anything like what i was looking for. So, after communicating with the 1st seller, i purchased an illustration, watied 5 days to recieve a photo edit not an illustration or drawing, and all that was done was a purple filter. I reqested a cancellation and was harassed for a week by the seller.
2. the most recent job was a very talented man who had work that looked like he had the ability to do the work, nothing EXACTLY like what i was after, but his work was amazing, we exchanged messages and he assured me that it would be an easy job, not to worry. SO, after another week of waiting i recieved something much better than the 1st, but still nothing like i requested. I asked him if he could revise it, resent the photos of the illustration examples from the very beginning as a reference and reminder. Then was told he/she couldn’t do it. …
i’m just frustrated at the situation right now as it seems like my money is now stuck on fiverr, with no artists who have the ability to do the work :confused:

it was odviously a mistake, i replied by email and my signature was added…

Yep, it was. That’s why I mentioned it in my reply.

thank you for noticing, i didn’t know that it would do that if i reply by email. so this whole time i’ve been giving out personal info? lol greeeaaaatttt

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No worries! Such type of things often happen around here.

ultimately, id rather have the work done than the money back, but for some reason i’m having a really difficult time communicating with the artists, or either some of them are just so eager to get a gig that they aren’t paying attention to requests by the buyer, just telling me what i want to hear so that i place the order, which doesn’t make sense to me

You can try out a TRS or some Level 2 sellers with a good amount of reviews. There are good and bad people everywhere. It looks like you had your fair share of those bad sellers.

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Forgive me for not knowing but what is TRS

Top Rated Seller - they have a gold star by their name, you can also filter your search results to find only the level of seller you’re interested in, which includes TRS.

OH okay…that makes sense… do you know if there are seller profiles on here that aren’t active anymore but still keep their profile up bc i feel like i send a few dozen emails and only got a response from about a third of them at all

Bound to be, but you can narrow it down by looking to see when they last delivered a gig. If it’s recent, you should be good to go!


THANK YOU so much for your help, i really appreciate it. I wasn’t trying to be rude initially, im just frustrated with the site and the people that i have dealt with, i’m sure there are hundreds if not thousands of amazing sellers on here, i just haven’t found them yet. I do appreciate the few dozen that i spoke with in my journey that told me that they knew their abilities and knew they couldn’t do the work for me also. Overall, the end result isnt the best i guess, but i did meet tons of great artist along the way, i guess everything is trial and error, and it’s my time to go thru those with the site right now.


Not a problem - good luck with it all! :slight_smile:

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Looks like I am late to the party. But my friend here has followed up with you very quickly. You may need a seller specializing in the type of illustrations that you are looking for. But you can discuss your details with @wuerz123. She provides amazing illustrations and is a great person as well. You can get in touch with her to see if she provides your required type of illustrations.

Run out of hearts again! :purple_heart:

Your recommendation is spot on BTW! :slight_smile:

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Duh… you forgot to say that I’m expensive… :smirk: