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Why do Sellers often keep the Buyers waiting till last minute to deliver the order

Freelance Sellers often keeps the buyer waiting for days and deliver it just few minutes before the contracted time runs out.

What is the logic behind this common behavior among freelance sellers ?

If you are a Seller on Fiverr, Do you follow the same pattern, If so, WHY ?

I try to deliver as quickly as I can, but so long as the seller’s delivering before the agreed deadline, and not late then I can’t see a problem to be honest.


My gig delivery times reflect how busy I am and how long it wil take to complete your order. If something is needed urgently, what you are doing is requiring me to work overtime and so there is an additional cost for that option.

If I am not busy then I deliver once it is completed.

Now, there are some misguided sellers who believe that having a big queue helps them in search rankings despite the fact that Fiverr says the opposite is true - delivering orders as quick as possible is favourable. This might explain some people acting in the way you mention but the majority are probably more in line with my rationale.