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Why Do sellers say they can bring all kinds of traffic to your site and nothing?

Not one click. not one view, I have tried 3 different sellers that say they can bring huge targeted traffic , and nothing. I don’t expect a miricle, but I got nothing. I am willing to pay way more then five bucks ON A REGULAR BASES if you can do what you say you can do.

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are you looking for level 2 or TRS level people?
Are you interviewing their basic level of understanding and English comprehension first?

I’d recommend looking at providers like @eoinfinnegan who have a proven track record of quality service.

One seller was a top rated seller

Let someone step up and show what they can do is real with SEO,and increase traffic, and I will be more then happy to pay.

In my understanding he hired one of these traffic sellers, who sell so called SEO related traffic, rather than someone who writes or optimizes SEO content. If I’m right in my assumption I would hardly recommend not to buy (if at all) one of this gigs from a seller who has no sufficient language skills. Not because I want to rant, but because of pure rational reasons. One who hasn’t the appropriate language skills will not be able to deliver in the SEO field.


Agreed. Thought he meant SEO service not traffic

I’m not sure, but his post said SEO traffic.

For your info, good/valid SEO traffic will require more than $5 and won’t be huge. I’ve seen a lot of sellers giving fake traffic, or bad traffic, or just quick 1-day traffic boost, or no traffic at all for that matter.

To answer your original question, I think many sellers found some cheap/free software to mimic traffic or have some mass of people who give false traffic, and they took advantage of the opportunity to make some quick cash by deceiving site owners (it’s an unfortunate thing to see, and I have a lot of clients who complain about this matter)

Now, regarding traffic again. Buying traffic, especially cheap unverified traffic, can result in no effect (or a bad effect) on your site and its SEO. Google also looks at the bounce rate, which measures the number of visitors that enter your website then leave after visiting a single page view or even after less than a minute. This is what I see as fake traffic, and fake traffic will be a waste of your time & money as that will never convert to leads or sales.

More so, buying traffic is like taking the easy & unsafe way of getting your site known (unsafe because it can bring some bad traffic towards your site, and because it can lower your site’s rankings if Google spots unnatural patterns), as opposed to doing proper SEO yourself (or through some professional SEO agency)


Personally, I think website owners need to stop seeking “traffic” and start seeking “leads”, “clients” and people who want what the site offers. This obsession with “traffic” is what causes many of the problems that we hear about on the forum and has given Fiverr SEO a bad name in some quarters - it’s true, there are some awful services here - but the reality is that a lot of this is fueled by uninformed buyers who are looking for a cheap fix/short-cut.

The concept of getting 10,000 visitors in the hope that perhaps a few will be interested in the site is a hopeless gamble. Instead, you should be aiming to ensure that those who come to your site are interested in it. Unless your site is based on Adsense, getting loads of traffic is not worth anything, and even if it is an Adsense site, it may do more harm than good. As Woofy says above, the User Behavior will be seen by Google and if those visitors don’t like the site then it will harm your rankings.

Any SEO service you buy should be a part of an overall SEO strategy. SEO is not a one-off fix but an ongoing process which incorporates a whole host of factors and elements. Like anything, it is important to understand what you are looking for and at least a little about how it works before you buy. At least that way you can have some idea of whether what you are paying for will help your site or not.

Remember, SEO is done for the sake of search engine rankings. With that in mind, it is a good idea to find out what Google (or the others) see as important, permissible and desirable. The bottom line is that if you are a plumber in Florida that provides a good service and is an expert in your field then Google wants you to show up highly in results when people search for “Plumber Florida”. This is their whole vision in a nutshell; to match searchers with the most appropriate websites. There are rules, guidelines and best practice methods for achieving this and that is what SEO is. ANYTHING that helps a website show up better in results is SEO.

Some things are more directly effective than others, some are more commonly done than others but overall, they are all SEO.

  • For some sites the most important SEO will be reducing the Page loading speed; Google has a preference for faster sites.
  • For some it will be improving the amount and/or quality of content; Google is getting better and better at assessing content.
  • Others will need the page layout to be changed as the layout causes confusion or dead-ends for visitors who then just leave; Google values sites that keep visitors engaged and get them to where they want to go.

That’s just 3 examples but there are literally thousands of things that can be done and classed as SEO. It seems odd then that most SEO on Fiverr focuses on bulk links. Why? Well, my guess is that it is simply because it is quick and easy and mostly automated for the seller - not because it is most effective for the site/client.

So, the next step for you SHOULD be to check out what Google wants sites to do (and not do). In this way, you will be able to assess services that are offered better.


Spot on!

This thread reminds me of a guy, Dave Zulls, who wrote “You only get out of SEO what you put into it.” (I can’t find that guy anymore, it’s like he’s vanished or something… oh, well, that was like 7 years ago when I found it)

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Thanks guys, I’ve had a few bad sellers now, so I’m going to stay away from all sellers claiming to bring huge amounts of traffic, Its just a con to get your money, kind of shady. Woofy31 and eoinfinnegan Trying to keep up with google is almost and impossible task seeing they change on a weekly bases. You would have to be a google machine. The best way to the top of the first page is to pay,for adwords, but it can get very pricey. I have been trying for a few years now and Im getting tired. Thanks again for you input.

Or you know, just start a blog and post “new” content. That always works as long as you have someone with the right skill set. Stop buying traffic and start generating it yourself - AND ALWAYS talk to the sellers beforehand and tell them that you will leave a negative review with no refund if the service is not delivered as promised!

Google’s algorithm makes small changes on a daily basis, that is true. However, their philosophy has always remained the same. If what you do is in line with Google’s philosophy instead of trying to manipulate their algorithm then you don’t really need to worry about updates. The updates are mostly aimed at improving things but also at punishing those who try to manipulate it. That is what actual White Hat SEO is, going with Google - anything else is Black Hat, regardless of what the seller says.

With respect, if you have been trying for a few years and are still at the buying traffic stage then you need to really reassess what you are doing. Most see whether it is suitable for their needs or not pretty quickly. Adwords can be good but it is not a good long term solution and even that, when not done well, can cost a lot and deliver little result.

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@eoinfinnegan great post but I really don’t like how you brushed Gray Hat SEO to the side. Gray Hat SEO is definitely its own thing and works crazy good. Managed to rank multiple sites using GH practices.

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Gray hat is black hat dressed up/misrepresented so the client doesn’t get worried.
If it is against Google’s ideals then it is black hat, there is no gray.

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I’m not getting into this argument but I will say to each his own. It’s shown great success for me, especially in my amazon and affiliate marketing days.