Why do so many buyers not leave a review


Hello, I am new to Fiverr and in my first 3 gigs as soon as I delivered the buyer market it as complete and left a review.

However since then I’ve had 4 gigs, each time there was a lot of communication whilst I was completing it or discussing the job at hand. However when I delivered it suddenly there is no response not even for them to mark the order complete.

In these cases I assume that it will auto-complete in a few days.

However I really want to receive the reviews as I feel that is most important to growing on here.


Reviews are – and will always be – optional. It is entirely up to the buyer whether they wish to leave a review or not. Sellers are not guaranteed to receive reviews with every order. Perhaps the buyer didn’t like your work, but doesn’t want to leave a negative review that would hurt you. In that case, they’re actually being thoughtful. Perhaps a buyer is busy and preoccupied, and forgets to leave a review. Or, perhaps they just want the work that you deliver, and don’t care about the review option.

Just do your work well, and leave it to the buyer whether they wish to leave a review. Be thankful for the reviews that you to receive, and work hard to deliver work that could receive a strong review if the buyer chooses to leave one.


Maybe because after the transaction if you don’t do it right away, it’s impossible to figure out how. I had an amazing service provider and have been looking all day to figure out how to give her a great review. She can’t find it either. That’s not good, she deserves all the praise I would like to give