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Why do so many fiverr level one or two suddenly disappear on fiverr?


Hello Fiverr people

Recently I have order one gig. and she is level one seller on fiverr and now she is no longer available on fiverr. because of that my order is getting canceled.

why is this kind of things happen on fiverr. ?

i guess may me that seller start getting lots of orders and she can’t manage it so she change her status in vacation mode or pause her gig?

please help me to know this kind of situation.


She might have committed a crime which made her account go disabled.


Your order would not be cancelled if your seller placed her gig on pause. If her gig disappeared, and your order was cancelled, than that most likely means that your seller broke the rules of Fiverr and was removed from the site. When your seller was banished from Fiverr, she was no longer available to complete orders, and, as a result, your gig was cancelled.


There are people who probably forget they have a Fiverr account after waiting too long to make a sale.

I am surprised a level 2 would disappear, but then again, some people expect amazing results right away and get frustrated when they don’t see them.


thanks for reply. i guess your are right.