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Why Do So Many Sellers Lie?


This really makes my blood boil, you look for sellers from the U.S.A. like I do only to find out it’s B.S.! X(

Sellers claim their from the USA but are really from India! Honesty is the best policy! I look for sellers from the USA for a reason, I live in the USA not India! I’m done with Fiverr unless they can stop the fraud!!!


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Concentrate on the work quality rather than location, unless the person is offering a location-specific gig (i.e I will put up flyers in New York…)

Quality is quality.


Honesty is the best policy!


Please look at the work they have done and the reviews of the seller, study those reviews, also don’t be in a hurry to buy the gig , have a little discussion with the seller make sure they understand what you need.

i don’t think if you do the above you’ll get frustrated in fiverr…


I would suggest to contact seller before order if nationality is so important for buyer. I think 90% will not lie but if some will do that you can report them.


I don’t really see the problem… In fiverr we only can compete via quality. If the buyer lies and delivers bad quality, he gets disputed anyway. :slight_smile:


Nationalism is a disease.


I’m American. I lived in NYC when I created my gig. I currently live in Japan… but I do not plan on changing my flag.

represent. :slight_smile:


I don’t even know that we CAN change our flags? In a world worth living in, there would be no borders.


I imagine that some connect using proxies thus, can actually indicate which country to route the connection through.

The IP will then show as coming from such and such a place.

Quality and in some cases, intention is all that matters.

Are fences to keep you in or to keep you out


Actually it does not shows their nationality.It says where they are.And also seller’s

skills are based on their feedback,not nationality.But no offence on usvetsnet’s idea. :-j



You may redeem yourself here by claiming the language barrier ended up costing you an enraging amount of money. I’d buy that.


One person who is my ‘competitor’ claims to be a woman when she is really a man (uses a generic picture online) and also claims to be an editor for a newspaper in America despite being from India and being unable to string a sentence together. Many people have tried her out because she is ‘hot’ (so I lose a bit of custom then)

Every single time she gets a feedback saying she isn’t a native English writer it gets deleted (about 100+ a week). This is because she gets in touch with customer support saying she is English so it is unfair (been told by her clients)

Customer Support won’t do anything as she does nothing against their rules (asked them).


Reply to @ryangillam: lol wow…


Reply to @ryangillam: whoa!


Reply to @ryangillam: Story sounds like BS to me.


Reply to @anarchofighter: lol


Reply to @apicturesworth: It’s like how Anglo folk always seem to have some personal story or friend of a friend who didn’t get a job because of “affirmative action” … Uh, huh. Maybe you just weren’t the BEST candidate and your friend in HR told you that. LOL


There are fraudulent sellers who get USA accounts in a few different ways. I read it in an ebook and was pretty upset with the shady practices being used on Fiverr. Smdh