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Why do some Buyers bully?

I had a buyer order something in bulk from me a few times - before the order, he refused to accept my custom offer, because he couldn’t afford it. So we negotiated and I met him at his price.
While working on the projects, they asked me to recreate the songs, instead of using the instrumentals. I notified it would cost more - they could not afford more, so to keep the buyer happy (bulk work) I agreed to do it at the current rate.
Then at the second project (bulk) they asked me to rewrite the lyrics and add more instruments - at this point I told them that I would need to get another musician in and pay him - so I need to increase my fee… they came back saying that how can I increase my fee if they promise more bulk work.
I tried explaining over and over again, but they keep getting aggressive and bullying: saying that they’re not forcing me to work with them… so I don’t have to.
To keep the bulk work, I agreed to rewrite the lyrics and add more instruments - I paid a musician friend half of my earnings to help me out with other instruments.
Then I get another bulk order, but now I’m asked to add a “jingle” for their channel at the end. I sent a custom offer, once off fee… but was told that it’s not extra work and it’s just a case of recording a voice over and again: how can I want to charge more if it’s bulk work.

I’m getting so tired of this… if I wasn’t hard up for the work, I’d boot it.
How does everyone else deal with this?

Oh! That awful experience. I had such experiences in past but I do not offer discounts even if someone says they will give orders in bulk. Most of them do not have a lot of work. People come to me and say “I have 50 orders. How much discount will you give”. I simply say, I will give you discount on every 5th order you place with us and you know what…they never come back. They don’t have anything with them.

And if order is big. Instead of charging less…I charge more. It will take us a lot more time and work to create lengthy videos. I think you should stop taking work from him. That buyer is just now right. Tell him…if he needs quality work then he will have to pay for it.

It’s funny that you mention that. Never once when someone promises, “Help me on this one and I’ll give you all my work” have they had more work. It seems to just be a carrot they try to dangle just to get you to cut them a deal.

I don’t offer them discounts based on that, but the next time they ask me to do a voiceover for their whiteboard video, or whatever…I’m using your brilliant line about every 5th one will be discounted.

I love it. Thanks.

This is horrific. Your best option is to get this order out of the way and simply refuse any more bulk work. I used to discount, bend to people’s budgets and slog my guts out for people like this (but nowhere near as bad), thinking that this is what it would take to get steady business.

I was wrong. These are exactly the kind of buyers who hold you back and everytime I turn one down I have a moment of looking in panic at my empty order list until wham, two people come along at once ordering in bulk with all the extras.

You have 220 reviews and are obviously good at what you do. My advice, in this case, would be to spruce up your gigs (image and video wise), tweak your pricing and start targeting a whole new level of buyer. They do exist, trust me. That said, you will still get the narcs and “I will promise you the world” brigade, you just have to learn how to spot them and deter them from ordering when they come along.

lol. I was fed up with people saying…“I have 50…100…3000 orders, so and so length…how much will it be for one video. Discount?” Then this idea came in my mind and no more bugging from these type of buyers.