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Why do some buyers just message you, ask question and do not place an order?

For the past 2 weeks I’ve been getting messages from buyers, they ask many question plus work sample. I give work samples and answer the question, they say they like my sample and will order from me soon, but I don’t hear from them again. What could be behind that?

While all of the orders I got are from buyers who simply placed the order without messaging me.


Are you giving a sample that is akin to what they would be ordering? If so, they may be just going around to a lot of sellers asking for “samples” that would be unique to them, not a general sample of your work. When they get enough of these samples, my guess is, they choose which one they like and go with it, never having to order, because the work was done for them already.

You should charge for a “sample” that is geared towards what they would be ordering if they chose to order. Otherwise, you should have a portfolio which you could direct them to that they could look at and decide if your work is up to their standards.



Yes, I just give them links to other websites I’ve created not the source files. That way they cannot use my samples as theirs. But still, even some ask you to send them custom offers and then you don’t hear from them ever.

But I’ve once been in the situation you mention. One buyer told me to create a landing page as a test for the work and send it to them so they can tell me if I’m good enough to work on their task.

I quickly came up with something amazing and send it to the buyer, some few hour later this is what I got, “The hiring manager liked your work but she preferred to work with someone whose time zone and hers are a bit closer. We will be hiring again in the next few weeks.” And just like that, I’ve never heard from that buyer ever again.

That happened when I was still a total newbie on Fiverr. I wanted to make my first sale so bad that I ended up being scammed and doing free work.

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As a newbie seller, how can one protect himself from such scammers? Please share some valuable advice.

I also asking the same question. Let’s hope some top seller will join the topic and give us some advice.

But one thing I did to protect myself from such scammer was raising my price from $5 to $10.

Though I’m not really sure if that what’s helped.


Hey, thanks a lot. I guess Wonder Woman was one call away to our AID.

Thank you. Your information will be very improve us :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:

They are dealing with a lot more Sellers. And Buyer only choose that seller whom he/she likes the most. So keep trying and tell them about some Extra Services that you will give for FREE. Hopefully, They will start hiring you.