Why do some buyers like to pay less for a complex job


I wonder why some buyers like to pay less for a complex job? Any idea why?


I can’t tell if this is a serious question or not?

If you can get someone to do a bunch of work for you, would you rather pay $5 or $50? Ignoring the quality of work, people want to get as much as possible for as little as possible. It is basic economics.

You need to set a limit of what you’ll do for $5 and have extras to cover. If they want more than you give, don’t do it. Unfortunately there is always someone willing to undercut you and do a lot of work for $5 - especially new people seeking to increase their rank.


Because, why not ?

Who doesn’t want to pay less for a service and still get it ?

People love to bargain.


fiverr attracts the cheap buyer due to its premise of getting everything done for $5


They ought to call it Hookerr, because Fiverr pimps us out with all those slick ads that make people think we are company employees, instead of freelancers. If you’re not sure, say I’m a word whore; people say, “Shut the front door!” when they see my Scrabble score.