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Why do some buyers order blindly and ignore gig descriptions?

Oh my god. I shouldn’t be surprised after 4 years here. For a few days now, I’ve had a notice on my gig page that I’ll be on vacation starting the 16th, and that I’ll be unavailable after that date. I’ve been asking my buyers to confirm that they understand that so that I don’t come back from my vacation to any confused messages. God help me, I won’t keep my hopes up.

Buyer via inbox: “Hi, I have a voicemail script for you to record.”
Me: “Great! Please read my gig description in full and place an order whenever you’re ready. Please also note that I’m on vacation from May 16th-May 25th and will be unavailable on those dates for revision requests and messages.”

Buyer: immediately places order for up to 100 words, does not upload a script or any requirements

Me: “Thanks! If you could please confirm that you got my message about being unavailable next week and upload your final script, I can get started on this right away.”
Buyer: “Did you receive my payment?”
Me: … “Yes. Please see my messages above.”

Buyer: Uploads 157 word script

Me: “Thanks! This script is above the word count you purchased. Would you like to shorten the script down to 100 words or should I send an offer to over the excess words? Can you also confirm that you read my message about being out of town next week?”
Buyer: “What do you mean out of town??? So you can’t record my message???”

I refunded them, luckily I have plenty of cancellations to spare at the moment. But good GRIEF. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN :joy: I gave them every opportunity to order correctly.


Nobody likes to read anymore.
I think Fiverr should have the option to cancel the order due to the buyer’s actions or omissions without affecting the seller (and maybe giving a warning to the buyer). Many problems come from the buyer’s lack of responsibility and attention. They make us lose time, money, and ranking.


One thing you could do is edit your gig and add in Buyer Requirements “Please note that I am taking a break at this time, as I have indicated on my profile. Because of this, I cannot accept orders at this time.” If the buyer tries to take the order anyway, you can contact CS and have them cancel the order without affecting your stats. (Buyers are not allowed to make an order without sufficient information provided in buyer requirements, or CS will cancel the order without harming the seller’s stats. Although a bit of a stretch, this follows the same concept.)

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I hear you, but I promise you, with some buyers, there is truly nothing you can do haha! I actually am taking new orders at this time, but I’m away all next week and have been asking buyers to confirm that they know that before I work on their script, that way I don’t receive 10 revision requests while I’m on holiday and come back to angry buyers :stuck_out_tongue:

Customer Support will almost always cancel on my behalf if the buyer truly is at fault. In this case, I didn’t feel like it was worth involving CS because the buyer didn’t technically break any rules… they were just blatantly ignoring my messages and refusing to answer any questions so there were way too many red flags for me to continue with the order. In those cases I usually just take the hit and cancel.


This is one of the thing that i don’t like about “SOME” buyers that they are always in a rush and not keen to understand what you are saying or asking them. You will ask them multiple question in a message and they will respond to one of the question. Then you will have to ask them the same questions again and again till they answer all of them. They just want to get over with things which sometimes result in different issues later. But i always make sure they answer all of my questions and then send them a summary of our discussion at the end that this is what we have discussed and this is what i will be doing for you in this gig. When they agree to it then i said them a custom offer or ask them to place the order.

Ugh, yes, this is so frustrating and has happened to me about 5 times today alone. Sometimes I find myself literally copying and pasting my message 2 or 3 times before a buyer will even acknowledge that I’ve asked them a question.

I think the problem is that some people are so used to instant-gratification ordering, but that can’t always be applied to a freelance project. I record tailor-made, personalized voice-overs. It’s not the same as ordering something on Amazon. I need instruction, communication, and patience from the buyer in order to complete my work.


I totally agree!!! This is where fiverr needs to play their role and add an option where the sellers can accept or decline the orders that are placed directly with incomplete requirements. As sometimes you are in a discussion with a client and yet to clear the requirements and they have already went and placed the order with incomplete requirements.

Anyway enjoy your upcoming holidays :blush:

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I don’t have any explanation to your case… :joy::joy::joy:

Here is something that happened to me instead:

10 days ago I got a message “hey can you build a chatbot for me?”
We establish the price, I send the offer. That person doesn’t respond and the offer expires.
Yesterday, I received a message: “Hey, I don’t see the chatbot on my website”

… I mean… Of course you don’t have a chatbot, you didn’t purchase my service…
Do people really not notice if they paid for something or not?


Hahahaha oh my god that’s really somethin. Are they going to place an order or are you finished with them??

I don’t know. I wrote “Please let me know If you are still interested in my services”

The answer: “Ok”

In such situations it’s just funny for me. I won’t send any offer anyways. Those buyers are usually the ones you wrote about in this post. I am not saying anything bad about them actually, but they just slow down the process. Perhaps they have difficulties into using the platform I guess. Not to mention how many of my buyers keep writing me both in “Normal Chat” and “Order Chat” . It’s just confusing for some of them I guess.


Everything you mentioned I’ve experienced just today. Yeah, it’s nothing personal, it just amazes me sometimes how people so consistently ignore your messages, it seems deliberate.


I have noticed the same. Granted my gigs are significantly different than 99% of other gigs in their category, so I believe everyone assumes the gigs are all the same and won’t bother reading the description at all. But I have noticed that improving gig description to have many bolded words on the important bits has made more people read the service before ordering.

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Try hiring someone on fiverr to make you an explainer video for your gig.

We live in an era where visual is becoming the most consumed form of information due to instant gratification. Reading takes effort.

90% of the total information transmitted to your brain is visual.

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I’ve had one on my gig page for over a year now. I will sometimes practically beg people to watch it. Some people can’t be convinced to read before they buy.

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You got so innocent Buyers :joy: :joy: :rofl:

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That’s so true, everything is mentioned on gig description still people order blindly.
Even after making a presentable gig one cannot convince a buyer to read properly & we are left with a cancelled order list at last.

Atleast, fiverr should monitor the reasons for an order getting cancelled from the seller’s end.


I’ve noticed there is a button “Set availability” in a profile page. Does it not work to well… help you stay safe from sudden new orders? :thinking:

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That feature works just fine, but this doesn’t really have anything to do with my gripe yesterday. The issue wasn’t that I received a new order. I was still open for orders yesterday. The issue was that the buyer was unresponsive to my questions and that they refused to read my messages or my gig description.

Buyers not reading gig descriptions and placing orders blindly was my complaint :slight_smile:


That is understandable and well, what can I say? People tend to be odd at times. Sometimes just too frequently. Also met a few weirdos but I guess this just can be put onto a “negatives” of working as a freelancer?

Although, it’s not really only a freelancer ‘momentum’. IRL people can be even worse. So the only thing that can be sound to say is… “Brace yourself” :smiley:

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I mean, yeah - it comes with the trade. I’ve been at it for a little over 4 years now and my clients are actually pretty sound 90% of the time. But when I do get trouble buyers, they seem to come 4, 5, 6 at a time in a 12-hour span :woozy_face: Oh well. I’ll be on vacation soon enough and will not be giving this a second thought haha!