Why do some new seller accounts, or even ones that are older, have dozens of reviews from the same buyer?


I always wonder about this when I see it so maybe someone has the answer to this. Sometimes I see new seller accounts that have over a dozen reviews from the same buyer. I also see older sellers who also have dozens of reviews in a row from the same buyer. I can think of one in my category who has at least 100 reviews from the same buyer, all coming in at the same time without any other reviews in between those with the same buyer.

Then more reviews from the same buyer are scattered throughout the reviews, with only about a dozen reviews from other buyers. I’ve never had dozens of reviews from the same buyer in a row, and probably even having two in a row is rare.

Has anyone had a buyer leave a dozen reviews so that they show up as being one after the next without any other reviews in between?

(I always assumed it was simply padding the reviews in a gig from a second account but was interested in hearing if this actually happens from a real buyer.)

Is it harmfull If I get 20 reviews in a row from one buyer?

100 reviews from the same buyer, all in a row, does seem suspicious. On the other hand, it depends on the gig (think articles or video scripts), whether the seller is using packages (I think it’s not possible to order multiples if the seller is using 3 packages), and whether the seller sends custom offers.

I’ve never had dozens of reviews from the same buyer in a row either, but I did have a few.


Not a dozen in a row (yet) but I can tell you that that shouldn´t be weird at all for my category, for instance. Example at hand, a buyer who asked if I can do 4K words or so of a translation for a technical app on a spreadsheet, I do the job, they like it, they ask me if I can do the next 3K words, then maybe the next 500, then the next 5K etc., often with that kind of work the source text isn´t complete yet, but comes in increments, they work on/write the original text, while already wanting the translations to happen parallel to it, so it can be published at the same time, or not much later than the original text.
And if I for instance work for a customer like that, and have parallel to that a whole book with say 50 K words, I might not be able to take on any other orders and it can well happen that I´ll have a row of jobs and reviews from the same buyer before I´ll be able to deliver the bigger order and may get a review for that. Also not everyone leaves reviews as we all know, so you might have a buyer who orders things often and always leaves reviews while other buyers, whose reviews might else ‘be sprinkled in’ don´t leave reviews.
This from personal experience, I can think of several other reasons too.


Yeah i am that has many of them. and none of them, not even single one is fake. That is because the buyer is your regular one. Also if he/she outsource the work, then its not a new thing. Even in my reviews i have some buyers who regularly outsource their videos to me. :slight_smile:


Everything @miiila said plus:

It’s only weird if the buyer has gigs in the same field as the seller who receives the reviews. It’s not weird to get orders from the same person on a regular basis and still one wants his reviews.
In my business outside of Fiverr I get orders on a daily basis from the same buyer. So If I would do business with them here on Fiverr I would have hundreds of reviews from one single buyer.


Why would it be weird in that case? I mean in my case, yes i have multiple of them and its only because they have multiple orders and they outsource it to me ( due to same gigs).


Yes, reselling/outsourcing can be a perfectly valid reason too.


You are right.

I only witnessed some occasions where two new sellers (they had an account for a week or two) in the same field left a bunch of reviews for each other. Then they spammed the forum and in the meantime I believe they are gone.
This was actually weird imo.


When it comes to writing gigs such as proofing, beta, etc. It could be pretty common.

I hired a brand new editor for a one time, partial chapter one editing. She did a very good job, so I hired her to do the entire book, 3000 words at a time.

Since she was new, at that time, I was the only one to give her several reviews in a row.

If I were to hire someone to write my bio 6 times in a row, that would be suspicious.


Although I guess an author could order someone to write 6 fictional bios, one for each of six pen names lol.



Although, that’s a lot of pen names! I couldn’t keep up. :nerd_face:


I have dozens of reviews from the same buyer.
Not in a row but we are working on a video series.
You can check my profile for this.
He buys two videos every week for his series and we hardly discuss anything now.
He just give me the script. I send him a custom offer. He accepts. I deliver.


It really depends on the service. Some of my oldest buyers have placed over 200 orders total. Though 100 in a row does seem odd! Think my record is 5 in a row.


Also, getting reviews from same buyer(s) means that Fiverr didn’t list the seller’s gigs in searches for years or at least months. So the reviews come from old buyers (100% my case).

Of course, my point of view will be banned to hide the truth…


I think my ‘record’ is 6 in a row, but actually I wouldn´t mind to do 100 orders in a row for that specific buyer, if he had as much work for me, it was great work, it´s a great buyer and I´m looking forward to more, in a row and looking weird or not. :slight_smile:


Exactly thats what I do. My repeat buyers outsource each and every order they receive to me just by sending a script and i send the custom offer. also there is another buyer who wants 33 audios to be done. one every week. so thats pretty common for me.


Yeah may be you are absolutely right But i think we should think Positive…:slight_smile:


I have a similar relationship with a buyer, She sends me a theme every two days I write and deliver she accepts. I have lost count of how many orders and reviews she has left but its a lot. So I guess its normal.


It would be nice having that one client for a long series of work but if they leave you become dry and end up going to buyers request!!! I hate buyers requests!


That´s fine, I survived before, I would survive after, as long as the inbetween was work I loved to do, no qualms.
And BR, well, I don´t like parts of it, but that´s not really the fault of BR, so I save up my hate for other more worthy causes. :wink: