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Why do some new seller accounts, or even ones that are older, have dozens of reviews from the same buyer?


Repeat buyers do occur. If it is in a row in large numbers, that sends a red flag up.


Most of my buyers are repeat buyers, as new buyers don’t like my high delivery time.


@miiila 100% agree with you :smiley_cat: Well, for me maximum reviews from a same buyer at a row is 5. But received dozens of reviews from repeated buyers time to time but not in a row. I design Company documents, specially Fillable PDF Forms. When a new buyer comes to me with multiple documents, I always suggest buyer to start with an one document first and if buyer happy with my design then to go ahead with other documents. That is mainly because it helps me to understand buyer’s taste and the preferences. So it’s easy for me to design the other documents according to buyer’s preferences, which save my time to a great extent.

I have repeated buyers from different companies and they get designed various documents time to time. Some of them don’t give reviews for every order but some NICE buyers tend to give reviews for each & every order. :relaxed:


If a buyer has placed had a large number of orders with a seller this can easily happen. For example, if a buyer doesn’t leave reviews then after a while, the seller asks the buyer to give them a review, the buyer may decide to leave reviews on all the orders they placed. This would make all reviews show up one after another. It is not strange or odd. I have buyers who place a number of orders per week. They don’t always leave reviews but if I asked them to they might - that would be about 20 reviews in a row!


In my category it’s common:

I do Voice Over, and some of my buyers are high volume White Board/Video/Animation sellers. They subcontract the VO to me.

One guy is so busy, he will order 5-10 times per week, and when he gets a chance, go through and rate all my gigs at once. Sometimes he’ll rate a half dozen gigs at once, sometimes he’ll do 25 that he’s ignored for a couple weeks. Rarely does he rate one or two.

He just batches that for some reason… I assume it’s easier for him to do them all at once. I suspect your “100 in a row” is like some of my buyers, but even more extreme.

I do have a set that seem to wait until they need to order again, and will then rate a set of mine they ignored in the past. (I usually know they are ordering again that day, because the ratings just arrived…)

A new user could just be their friend ordering gigs and rating.


I look at gigs in my category mostly and have seen the new accounts with a dozen or more reviews in a row.
It is selling psychic readings or spells. One gig has only about a dozen reviews in the last year from various different buyers, but over 100 reviews from the same buyer.
It is a seller who has mostly identical gigs, about 30 of them.

I always wonder how a new seller has a lot of reviews from the same buyer as soon as he launches his gig.


I had someone buy like 100 readings from me that one time.
Sometimes the new sellers give out extra stuff for cheap that the buyer may like, or they could be fake. You never know.


Are you referring to me? If so, that was the same guy who did that Paypal stuff and got me messed up.


No Ive never looked at yours.


I remember when I first started Fiverr I had a buyer and was super excited to start working and making money.
I remember going overboard to help her and she bought like 10 gigs in a row. She was very nice. I still remember what her avatar looked like. It had a cartoon squirrel with a helmet on it.
Maybe it is similar to my case.