Why do some sellers setup a gig dedicated only for tips?


I’ve always wondered why do some sellers launch a gig dedicated to receive tips from buyers instead of receiving the tip directly through the order page. So, are there any differences?


You mean, why do some sellers do that? Some created those gigs before the tip feature was introduced, and some are simply copying what they saw from the others.


Got it. Thank you for answering.


There are several reasons why a client would like to come back later to leave a tip. For example:

  • Some gigs provide beneficial results for the buyer a week/month/year after the order was delivered.
  • Some buyers really want to leave a tip, but can’t afford to at the time of purchase.

Once I had a long discussion with a seller from whom I was considering buying a gig. She asked for an example of what I needed help with, then sent the example back to me with her sample work. She did that from her own volition and without requesting payment. And she spent a lot of time on messaging back and forth. So I wanted to tip her for all that.

I (as a seller) have a tip jar myself, but I’ve put my own spin on it.

:koala: May.


Something about it bothers me, for myself, but if others want to do that it’s ok. It’s just a matter of personal preference.


I have a gig dedicated for tips - why not? Sometimes I’ll have a friendly customer take a peek at my gigs and leave me a tip through it.


You still have to deliver something though even with a tip gig.


I write them a personal thank you message, and if they needed anything to let me know :grin:


I created a tip jar gig once for a particular regular who wanted to leave a tip for some advice I’d given (the advice ended up being that what he wanted had a simple solution, and he didn’t need to pay someone to do it). If I had more gigs, I’d leave it up there I think, but as it is it’s paused and available to turn on if I need to. It would have been useful the other day though when a buyer bought a $10 gig just to leave me a tip as a thank you for after-order service.


It would be nice to have a tip gig if a buyer wants to leave a big tip since the limit is $25 as I recall, or it might be limited to the price of the gig they purchased.


@capitalquality You bring up something that I have never been able to figure out: you said your tip jar gig is paused. Does that not count towards your vacation days limit?


No. Why would it?
I have six paused gigs, some will probably always be paused and have been for months, some get activated for particular buyers/gig offers.


I like tip gigs. I wish more sellers had it.

Fiverr charges a processing fee every single time I tip. I hate paying that fee as much as ATM surcharge, credit card interest, etc.

When my sellers have a tip gig, I can give them a gratuity of say $20 after every 2nd, 3rd or 4th order. It would basically save me $3 in processing fees - which I can spend on buying more gigs instead of giving to Fiverr.

During the holidays, I randomly pick a few of my regulars and give them a tip with whatever extra money that I have as a “thank you” for taking care of me. Those that didn’t have a gratuity, I bought a regular gig and sent them a virtual card.

I wonder what one of my seller would do if I asked him or her to create a tip gig? Is it hard or complicated to set up a gig?


@gina_riley2 You can also ask them for a custom order so you can tip them.


Receiving tip from order page is going to give you TIP+1 review while in most cases receiving another order for exclusively for TIP will get you 2 reviews

1 for previous sale + 1 for tip, Usually buyers who are happy just click 5 stars twice if they need to.

I find this wrong to receive 2 reviews for 1 order, Means on every successful sale you are receiving $5 tip + 2 reviews 1 for your gig and another goes to your profile.

Which will eventually work for making you TOP RATED SELLER and will increase your overall RATING and RANKING POSITION

People here are genius


I thought that pausing a gig equals vacation mode for that gig, and that there is a limited amount of days per year sellers can be ‘on vacation.’


@jhallawalla How did you get to this? I would be shocked if any seller’s tip gig has more than a few orders. And no one here is a TRS because of a tip gig.

In addition, if a buyer wants to leave a tip, they usually do so when accepting the order.
There are a few situations where a tip jar entirely makes sense, and I wrote those in my comment above. :slight_smile:

I don’t know what you mean by “click 5 stars twice.”

**Anyway, happy tipping to all (giving and receiving) :gift: :tada:


Nope - you can pause any gig you like and it doesn’t count towards vacation mode.


They’re independent of each other. You go on vacation mode, not your gigs. If you’re on vacation mode your gigs will be paused so that people can’t contact you, but pausing an individual gig manually has no affect on vacation mode.


Cool! Now if only I had some money in order to go on vacation. . . :sweat_smile: