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Why do some sellers setup a gig dedicated only for tips?


No, it isn’t. However, maybe they already have the maximum number of gigs, or don’t want to create a tip gig for whatever reason.


I am not against tipping, But keeping another gig for tips only is a smart idea of collecting more n more reviews, Put yourself in a situation where i bought 1 of your service you delivered the work and i rated you five stars, Then if i decide to give you tip i will place another order to your tip gig and will leave a 5 star rating there as well because you did great for me. So technically you received 2 reviews for 1 job. Which is not right i guess, Also no one can tell how TRS is made NO ONE, Not even TRS knows that how and why they are promoted to the elite class except for the fact for providing a better service than others and then again, a better service is determined through popularity and rankings which comes with positive reviews only :slight_smile: How many top rated sellers you have seen with 200 reviews ?


I think we might not be on the same page (yet :slight_smile: )
What I mean, is that buyers are not interested in helping sellers get more reviews. If they want to tip on the order page, they will. If they want to tip later, they’ll do so with the tip jar gig.

They are tipping because they want to tip, not because they want the seller to have two reviews instead of one.

Yes. . .?

By the way–your sentence in your profile (help…) is genius! :slight_smile: