Why do the top sellers only offer a few things?


I have lots to offer, why do the top sellers only offer a few things? Is there something i’m missing…


It’s easier to understand what someone is selling when they are selling fewer things.


Let’s be clear. Many sellers do many different things. Some both high volumn sellers and some honorary Top Rated Sellers max out his/her gig and offer many things.

Others don’t.

However, what matters is not speculation about why and how but your own tested and measured results. KJBLYNX found that her numbers improved with pruning–just like a healthy plant.

However, she may not have known which two areas of focus to take without tossing out lots of offers …many of which later got trimmed.

If you look at my account, there are a few gigs there. However, I have almost twice as many gigs I’ve deleted, suspended, or republished over.