Why do they close topics?


We were having an interesting discussion about popular culture here.

And then I see this message:

This topic was automatically closed 4 hours after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed.

Not cool.


I would imagine that would be what the OP of that post would be saying when his topic was completely derailed by people discussing popular culture.


Because they can. :neutral_face: It’s part of the duties of the mods.

My opinion is that when people are enjoying a discussion, and when the original post has been answered thoroughly, it should be allowed to continue on. I don’t see any harm in it and it seems needlessly rigid to close it in most cases. I don’t think the OP was even coming back to comment again.


Its the power of Mod. So its their wish I think


We need a few reasons to enjoy this forum. It seems it is not allowed to have enjoyment unless it’s the forced kind. If it happens in a thread that naturally drifts to new silly topics that’s strictly forbidden. Buzzkill. Once in a great while we get away with it, or if the topic is silly to begin with.


If people need to have OT discussions on topics to have fun then yes, you are right as per the forum rules which have been set by Fiverr.

Wanting a free for all where anyone can decide that “the original post has been answered thoroughly” so they can now say whatever they want is completely nonsensical and unmanageable. When people want to discuss different things then they can create a topic to do so. Its not difficult and most people manage to do it, I don’t see why everyone can’t.
For any further criticism of moderation, please direct it to customer service and don’t post it on the forum.
For suggestions about changing the forum rules, you could put them in the Forum Feedback category or send them to CS who can send them to the right people.


It was flagged a lot.
Anyway, I know for a fact that ‘‘being enslaved’’ is a big word that messed up everything but you must understand that when I wrote that shit that’s what I felt at the moment. I think it was my fault that I stayed at my home for the last 30 days focusing only on Fiverr because I wanted that money and I got what I wished for.

I want Fiverr to be a better place for both sides equally. Why don’t buyers rates show? Why can’t we accept or reject orders? why can’t buyer have a modify review if he/she by mistake gave you a bad rating? Must use the new resolve thing which will affect you later even if it isn’t your fault? But meh, a lot of people hated me for what I wrote even though what I wrote had been already written on many different topics many times but with different words choice.
I wanted it to go viral and it did but ugh, that’s not The Philip DeFranco Show. pls, end my suffering.


What is OP? Opinion? Yeah, sometimes topics derail, it’s the nature of the internet.

Look at the title of the post. “meh meh meh another meh.” This is Fiverr, not Wharton’s MBA program. We can have a little fun here.


I didn’t hate you, you provided an awesome opportunity to debate, and I love that.


Sometimes yes, sometimes no.


Every time we have had this discussion which I reckon this is the 3rd or 4th, the end result seems to be that we cannot agree and that you want those topics that you like or are involved with to be treated differently which is not going to happen so let’s leave our discussion there.

@fastcopywriter OP = Original Poster (or Original Post)
Yes indeed, and we often do. Having looked at the topic, you will note that your O/T posts were not removed or flagged as would be the case in other circumstances but because of the context, they were allowed and the Mod set a timer on the topic so as not to interrupt the “fun” when people were engaged in it but to close after a period of time. Whether you like the approach or not is ok, it is just the practice of moderation on this forum. Feel free to start a topic in conversations to continue your discussion and tag those who were involved in it.


I wasn’t talking about Sparticus. I have no interest in that.

If someone tags people and tries to move the discussion somewhere else it doesn’t work.

There has to be some other reason to hang out on the forum besides answering the
same questions over and over.


Yeah, there is nothing that annoys me more than answering the same questions, complaints and dramas over and over again so I am not going to this time.


I don’t blame you. It gets tedious here sometimes.


Because these post shouldnt be here more than a specific time


Yes! They shouldn’t!


Discourse stats show that we’ve had more user engagement and a steady rise in new and existing user involvement over time. Many of those users seem to be here to discuss their questions and concerns about their gigs/buyers/sellers/etc.

Staff has begun to use the forum much more often to run polls and announce issues of relevance to users. I’m sorry if you aren’t happy with some things about the forum and that there isn’t time for moderators to provide some kind of full on social media experience for you. I am glad that the forum seems to be useful to many users, though.


This is a nice forum. It is fun to come here anyway. I am sure some comments about what we would like to have are welcome. It’s the nicest most well run forum I’ve seen lately.


Success to forums is to have interesting topics with thousands of pages of discussion. If all popular threads get locked, it will make many people leave instead of participating.


Exactly! Let the market pick the winners. I’m not against moderators, just try to moderate a little less.

If someone doesn’t like a topic, they can stop following it.