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Why do they close topics?

Actually, that’s not the OP’s (“original post{er’s)”) topic title. It was a more appropriate actual title, but a few replies into his topic, people were rightly proving him wrong, so he deleted his topic-starting post, and changed his topic title to “meh meh meh another meh.”

I imagine one of the Mods rolled back his OP post deletion (to pre-deletion status), but his strange, “I don’t care anymore” changed topic title remained.

THIS ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^


True, but the topic in question here was two people discussing Spartacus on a thread about something completely different.

Some ask for stricter moderation, many flags made by community members are deferred by mods. In fact, mods defer more flags made by the community than are acted upon. We have to go by certain rules and what we deem right at that time - there will never be a situation where everyone is happy with the decision taken.

Yes, I feel you had valid points but I got jumped on too. But, the conversation was interesting. I still don’t think we are freelancers or self-employed, because if we were, we’d be able to accept or reject orders, not have that fee taken out, not be affected by bad ratings (buyers would just go away), etc. etc.

I have increased my rates but got fewer orders. So now I do a little of both. It’s still a pittance for living in one of the expensive cities in the world.

I reject orders sometimes without suffering any type of penalty. I cancel when I feel something is wrong. I have to! If my cancellation rate goes up I can’t help that.

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We do have the freedom to reject orders, that doesn’t hurt us.
Refunding orders can have consequences with listing placement, but if you deliver more than you refund, you should be OK.

Here’s some other freedoms we have:

  1. Freedom to choose the price
  2. Freedom to choose the job or invent something Fiverr doesn’t sell yet
  3. Freedom to compete with others
  4. Free bidding- no need to purchase credits, no category limits
  5. Fiverr only makes money when you make money, not before

Are there areas where Fiverr could improve? Absolutely.
Do things happen that we don’t understand? Yes.
But overall, Fiverr has been a pretty great experience.