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Why do they say"Gig items title can't be balnk" even if I have already added a title?

I am totally confused??

I tried to create another gig, but it keeps on tellin “Gig items title can’t be blank and

Gig items title must be at least 8 characters”, My title is way more than 8 characters and I don’t know, I can’t save it either…

What should I do??? ~X(


Not working. Don’t know why. I unchecked the gig extra’s. I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

Same problem here too. :frowning:

today again problem started.

I’m having this problem today too! ??

Me too. X_X

Same happens for me! :frowning:

Same here. Seems depends on Browser.
Firefox works, Chrome not. You may try.

me too :frowning:

May be some technical issue when you was creating gig. But now all working properly so you can create easily.


I faced same issue when i edited my gig yesterday. But after changing tags it resolved. Try several times it might help :slight_smile:

yep…I’ve tried several times…I’m going to try again now!

Take a look at your gig extras to see if they need something changed or added to the wording. I’ve gotten that message too and it always disappeared when I changed things around some. As I recall it was something about the extras. Maybe you have a checkmark next to the extras to indicate you want to use them but they do not say anything.

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sometimes this can mean you haven’t stated a duration - even if it’s 0 extra days

Okay, thanks guys!

Very frustrating that Fiverr doesn’t specify where the supposed error is! Took me 30 minutes of time wasted changing things around to figure it out!

The issue is in the gig extras, the tab on the right side that says “Choose Type”, as in “Choose Type of Extra” is what they are referring to when they say “Gig Title can’t be left Blank”, even though that makes no sense what so ever! It should say, “Gig extra category can’t be left blank”. That would make more sense, wouldn’t it? And even though I didn’t want to have the extra anymore, I had to make something up. I know this post is old, but I figured I’d comment in hopes that it helps someone.


Reply to @year2005: sometimes, even if you don’t want any gig extras, you still have to enter a duration like 1 day without leaving it with just “select”.Check for that!

Same with me…Firfox resolved the problem somehow :open_mouth:

This error is a little confusing as it makes you think it only applies to the literal gig title. However, it actually also applies to your gig extras as well. To fix, make sure all extras and the title have over 8 characters.

If you write and extra, then delete it before saving, it’s possible the system is flagging the error of you ‘activating’ the extra space but not putting content.

This is really driving me crazy now as it paints is as if I do not understand basic English.

I have changed all the fields over again, cleared cache, cookies, changed browsers, but still, no breakthrough!