Why do videos we change take up to 24 hours


I just reactivated an old gig for a voice over, I changed my video and waiting it appears for ever for it process. How is that efficient with modern fast business needs. Why do we need that in the first place if we are established?


Because Changing the video = Adding a new video (Theoretically)
And there are chances that the sellers can add personal contacts within the video to make the buyers buy from them directly and Fiverr lose its commission. So, all the videos added/changed goes through a manual review by the Fiverr staffs.


Edit: I see, understood you deserve the commissions, you are helping mankind all over the world to feed there own, I get it


Do you have a son named Jason Bourne? :thinking:


Do you have a son named Jason Bourne? :thinking:

aye that’s weird how did you know?


Do you have a brother named “Djbravo” :nerd:


So which one of your staff, perhaps after tea break and a few laughs will update my video,? I have a family to feed


@saddu_writer I think @djgodknows is from BanglaDesh not from West Indies… but I am sure he can dance like Bravo :smiley:


Come on, it won’t take more than few hours. I am sure you must have some left over for your family to feed in those few hours. :rolling_eyes:


Thanks that spurred me on to survival instincts


face reality, fiverr now allows social media links, and links to your own website, buyers and sellers will do what they wish, you need to appeal to their morality


I see that, but you can never ban personal contact, but aye you deserve the commission for this great site, if folks are nice business people they should respect the work Fiverr does and pay them


Where did you read so? Link the article please.


all i know is in my profile they ask for all my social media links and website. You made me think…hmm is that public?


They have families as well to feed, and you are right sometimes they take just a few hours to verify the Gig updates and sometimes days(they take 4 days to check my Gig). Last time I sent a reminder email to check if there is any problem in my Gig and you know what after almost an hour my Gig was in search(live).


No. It is not public.


Quote No. It is not public.

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