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Why do we have so much unskilled Video creators using templates

This is really difficult. I saw a creator offering vyond for 1000$. is it that this buyers don’t know this videos are template and they can do it by themselves. What’s makes a vyond video editor or template user a skilled or professional editor? When what you use are already premade assets. Also some of them charge very low $5 to create a full 60 seconds video and when you take a look, they are all using templates from videohive or vyond. Infact I think I may have to start using templates from videohive since I can’t compete. I work alone for now and it takes me over 15 days to create 60 second explainer. You have to do face rigging, body poses all contact poses, you may even draw some frame by frame, animate background etc… yet fiverr allows this low skilled sellers on front page. This is ridiculous.

To my fellow pros on animation, how can I break through, cause you can’t compete with a person who uses templates, he can deliver under 24hrs. I am creating my own templates though but you know, how difficult it is, time and alot of coding expression and creating effects presets that can be applied on them.

So much piracy.


Well, it’s the same issue with any category and on any marketplace. Why is that? There will always be unskilled people trying to make a quick buck. That’s how life works.

I am a writer. There are more than 50k gigs in the articles and blog posts section. Are they all good? Most likely not. The same thing can be said about logo designers, SEO people and so on. That’s why buyers can see reviews, samples.

If they choose a $5 gig, that’s their budget and they know what to expect.


Hello @donnovan86 thanks for the reply.

But what would you say about same sellers selling the same templates for $1000, making the clients believe those videos are custom made, and I see 3 orders in que, while the same exact template is $5. Yet they write on their profile(Custom made, professional motion graphics designer and animator, we don’t use templates).

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It’s up to the buyer to check and see. The same thing can be said about writers using all kinds of spinners and charging way more than I do. They make a sale or two, but eventually people catch on and they get banned or removed.

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Hi there @chester48 and welcome to the forum.

The solution is quite simple: don’t compete with them.

In fact, don’t even browse what they are offering, their claims or how many orders they have on queue.

The fact of the matter is that clients don’t care whether or not an online service was used.

Or a VH template.

They don’t know/care.

They just want a video made.

The clients who do care, won’t browse those gigs at all.

So back to you.

I perused your gigs and while I see some good qualities and solid effort, you are far from what we call an expert animator.

Embrace that. Work from that positioning and change your marketing and communication to reflect that.

You are the up and coming underdog that will get them what they need without the premium charges sellers like me command.

Claim that space instead of trying to convince then that you are an expert that offers cheap pricing. (Cheaper than true professionals in the field)

I would also delete all the other gigs and focus on just the custom explainers for now until you grow your profile.

That’s my advice to you, a guy with some potential currently in terms of business.

In terms of the craft itself:

-practice on your framing/composition. Your blocking is the weakest element in your frames
-find tutorials about color theory and typography. Your typography and color usage in general is what tells me you mean well but lack int he fundamentals department.

Your artwork is cool, keep practicing!


That’s a common thing , but if the “unskill” seller is able to convince their buyer in purchasing their gig. That’s their marketing skill.
That’s explain why although the product are the same , but with decent marketing and branding , they dare to increase their price 10x . Those buyers who able to pay $1000 aren’t dumb.
Maybe the “unskill” seller provide more than you see, because what you see is just the seller portfolio.


Thank you @frank_d. Thanks for the comment, however, the question was not to compare me to anyone, rather why people use templates and charge higher.

I see you struggled a bit with what I said.

I apologize if I was out of line sharing some insights as a fellow animator.

I probably misunderstood your statement about how to compete with that.

In that case, why is your question “why”?

What does it matter “if they use templates and charge higher”?


This is what made me think you were looking for actionable advice from an experienced seller.

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@frank_d I see you’re a pro seller and you charge over $2000 for your work. It very impressive and you may demand more for that, cause I know the amount of work out to get the quality you do. Lot of expressions and keyframimg, however, imagine someone charging the same price like you do for vyond video or even a template?

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I don’t have to imagine.

They are right there.


We don’t have the same target audience.

We don’t have the same skills.

Our offerings are in no way comparable.

Basically what I am trying to say is, won’t you feel it is a waste of time doing custom animation and making very unique but difficult project for $5000, while you can just use a template and charge same $5000. Like I don’t know if this make sense?

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I recently made a video for Microsoft for $xx,xxx.

I wouldn’t have gotten that client if I were selling templates.

That’s the type of client I want, so I don’t care what those guys do.

Why would working on your craft be a “waste of time”?

If you want to do what they do, no one is stopping you. Seems like you keep making the same argument so maybe you just need a nudge to stop making custom work?

However, don’t be surprised if you don’t get a single in if you price your gig at $1,000.


@frank_d now this is the advice I was looking for… cause I felt i had to go with the trend. Why should I improve myself more doing hard videos, while I can just use templates. Now it pushes me to know, that they are targeted audience who watches from underground, and loves the exact style. And all I have to do is to keep improving myself.thanks

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Templates are not a trend.

It’s low-hanging fruit.

You can only go so far.

But you misunderstood: there is no “underground” where big clients sit and watch.

What you do now will prepare you for when 2 years down the line a big client may or may not contact you.

It all depends on what you are constantly putting out there.

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Thanks. @frank_d now you have gone so far here and would love to surpass you lol., i work with after effects and get vectors to work with. You know the difficulty, how can you help me, adjust my pricing now, so I won’t spend so much work time on a gig and get so little and still, I mean the perfect pricing. Maybe I should send a direct message? Thanks


I shared my advice above and you were offended by it.

It’s still up there if you want to give it a good read.

Your biggest problem right now isn’t pricing -although selling a 5 second video is absurd- but sure, you can spend some time to refine your gigs.

Please do not PM me though.



How is using templates piracy? If they have legitimate account on those sites and commercial rights there is nothing illegal there.

Unless they do not revel to end client they are using templates and ensuring clients it is custom work.

I had order for video explainer for one new rising company in UK and I gave them the price for template work counting it will be easier. The moment I start putting things together I found it frustrating to match this with that so I just draw most of the scenes.

In my description I mention template and custom work because 9/10 times if I do not find matching template I will just draw it, easier, faster.

Vyond is not a cheap subscription to hold, especially if you do not get one sale a month to cover the subscription cost + extra to be in profit.

Using templates requires skills. Just because someone has an account at Vyond doesn’t mean they have a vision and esthetic feel to create cohesive results.

But using Vyond to simplify and speed the process if the client wants and is OK with templates, why not?

And regarding pricing. Just because someone is smarter, faster, and using online tools doesn’t mean he should be charging less.

You do not compete with them, you set your pricing, give reasoning to your price and stick with it.


@frank_d I just updated my price yesterday to 700, perhaps that was the reason you're talking about blocking?. I wouldn't want to spend so much time on a video of 300 and make sure I have all key poses, or even go frame by frame. etc… come on, that is why this is charged more. If I was going to do that, I think charging above 1k will allow me to add something’s I can’t in a normal video. So I limit my gig to the price of what I receive. If I got an order of 5k, then of course I’ll have to draw every frame, cause the price is justified for my time.