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Why do we have so much unskilled Video creators using templates

OK so the problem is not pricing in and on itself.

Your pricing is not justified by your video reel.


Not in my eyes at least.

I am not saying your work is not good, I’m saying I don’t think your problem right now is pricing yourself in a way that you make more for less work. Or that you don’t overwork cheaper orders.

Your biggest issue right now is a huge gap between what I see in your demo video and your pricing.

Your driver shouldn’t be what other people charge, but what your position in the marketplace is.

You can tweak pricing all you want, you won’t get a breakthrough unless your work and how you position yourself change as well.

@frank_d I just started freelancing here from October 2020, before I joined, I was on another rival site for 5 years. I haven’t seen any order here on fiverr that has pushed me to my limit. My hourly rate on the other site is 45$ and I’ve never gone below it. If templates sellers can sell for 1000$, then sure I have a golden price, custom made. However,I’m yet to be pushed to create something large.

. . .

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@chester48 are you actually displaying G4kmotion’s infamous custom logo animation in your reel?

What do you think would happen if I were to order your gig and you couldn’t deliver an animation like that for $10 as advertised?

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@frank_d that was uploaded way back, and I thought I even deleted that gig since it was not really performing. So if you check back, you won’t find it anywhere.

I don’t think I can help you with what you are trying to do.

Best of luck.




That’s my video @marinapomorac . I created that video using element 3D. I am the owner of that video.
Just to clarify, I am the original owner of that video.


You should upload better resolution version to your portfolio, this one now is blurred 50% comparing to the same video in YT.

@marinapomorac that video is over 13gb size, i compressed it using Handbrake. Fiverr can’t let me upload a file more than 1gb as my intro.

Downloaded from YT at full HD is 13MB. At 4K 23.6MB.
It looks super sharp at both sizes.

Then why not make something else that will look more HD under 50MB and use it as portfolio video?

But your FAQ says

Do you work alone, or with a team?

Keep in mind that buyers might notice inconsistencies, like saying that your name is Chester, and then claiming that you’re a team, or stating that your English level is native, and then a part of your gig description reads like this:

I’m not saying any of this to be mean, I’m just saying that buyers might find it suspicious and choose someone else, so these inconsistencies make it harder for you to compete.


Interesting, I see what is happening here.

I’m sorry, but that’s a bit rude.

@catwriter’s question is legitimate and the discrepancies noted are indeed a bit curious.

Buyer/seller profiles are not private and are linked to or discussed on the forum every single day. You might not like catwriter bringing up your own gig, but it doesn’t violate any forum rules, and referencing one’s profile/gigs may indeed prove relevant to a forum discussion.


OK I was keeping an eye on this and I think this is not going anywhere.

The OP is unfortunately not here to listen.

They are in denial both about their skill level and how the marketplace works.

When someone is in denial they tend to not listen to actual advice but they almost always start deflecting or even attacking people who are genuinely trying to understand.

@chester48 you got plenty of advice and some fellow forum members asked some valid questions about your gigs.

No one would be looking into your gigs had you not asked for help.

I will be closing this thread since the OP just moved from the deflection stage to the attacking one.

Thank you all for keeping things civil and trying to help.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be helped.


The OP is not here to learn or accept any of our help. Nothing to do here but move on.