Why do you go on fiverr?


Why do you go on fiverr?

Because its addictive?

To meet new clients?

To make ends meet?

To buy your mum flowers?

Give your reasons!


In a nutshell: to make some lunch money by doing micro-work during free time that would otherwise be wasted, but insufficient to take on full clients as a freelancer.


I go on fiverr simply for the thrill of it, I’m always meeting new people and making connections, plus having people tell me what they would like me to draw (artist gig) for them gets my creative juices going, and makes me create things I would have never done for myself. Plus I get some good money doing what I love, if all goes well I think I might even be able to take this on a full time career. The opportunities are endless you just need to know how to take advantage of them.


I go to Fiverr because it’s now my main source of income. So far it’s been rewarding - working at home is convenient, no need to brave the traffic for the commute to work, no lunchtime expenses and the pay is comparable to my previous work :slight_smile:


This place is truly awesome. I’m getting to make amazing “contacts” and agree with @mabelma it’s a great way to get creative juices flowing. I love to be as productive as possible and so it’s awesome to know that even if I’m not working (since I’m a freelance spokes model) I still CAN do something on Fiverr to either collect a few bucks or optimize my gigs for future bucks. And buying my mum flowers is the cherry on top :wink:


I go on FIVERR to fill jobs I need. Sometimes its a photo manipulation, sometimes its looking for an acter for a small project my kids are working on.


Fiverr is addictive to me, the forum mostly :slight_smile:


An addiction…lol and to see what I can do on here for some extra mulah.


Well, I cant work a normal job because I get random panic attacks / chest pains / stuff the doctors cant figure out…

So I do this to put food on the table. :confused: Better than being a leech :slight_smile:


meeting new clients and helping me as a designer :slight_smile:


I was looking for someone to do a job for me. Then, I posted my own gig and it became addictive. I use it to make ends meet.



I am on FIVERR because I love genealogy and I love being able to give to someone something that will last a lifetime


For me it’s all about being part of the next big thing. I love Fiverr. I think it’s the future.


To expand, learn and make lot’s of money!


Fiverr links started appearing in the sigs on a forum I used to hang out on, so I thought I’d check it out… I’m no longer active on that forum, but I’m still rocking here!


Did I mention to Sell like a Fraglesrock (that’s the word we use here right Fraglesrock?)


If you’re not here to sell stuff, buy stuff, make money, and work your fragglerocking ass off and have fun doing it…Well ummm why are you here. :slight_smile: I come here for the people, the clients, and because I love finding like minded sellers I can write about. :smiley:


Reply to @anarchofighter:

ya the code word is fragglerock


I’ll be honest. The money.

Add to that that the money comes doing something you love.

I don’t come for new clients, I have a lot of them outside Fiverr. And, you can’t contact clients you meet on Fiverr anyway. So, you really can’t meet new clients. You can meet new Fiverr clients though.

Fiverr’s great to make some money and clear the cobwebs from your head. But now, with the inclusion of these forums my mental state has changed. Why? Because here, on the forums you can actually be a member of the community, not just a seller trying to push their gigs.


In a nutshell: to make some lunch money by doing micro-work during free time that would otherwise be wasted, but insufficient to take on full clients as a freelancer.