Why do you must learn Arabic!


hey :slight_smile:
I’m shimaa,
I can speak English and
I can teach you Arabic language speaking only by skype .
maybe you asked your self why would i learn Arabic?

By studying Arabic and learning about the culture, you will gain a deeper and more nuanced perspective of the Arabic-speaking world than the typical themes found in U.S. mass media. As you share a more balanced perspective with your family, friends, and peers, you will encourage a greater understanding of Arab culture in U.S. society and more trusting attitudes towards Arab Americans and Arabs living in the U.S.
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it is now for 5$ only up up


Might be a good idea to have a wee look at your profile and see if you can change the wording - it comes across as a bit gender specific.
I’ve taught lots of boys to crochet, knit and sew, and lots of girls how to do woodwork and metalwork etc.


and you see how can i change that ?


Not a problem - if you go to ‘my profile’, you’ll see your description on the left, and a link that says ‘edit description’.

Just make your changes, and then click ‘update’.


thank you , I thought that crochet will be only for girls that the boys won’t be interested to crochet


I taught for more years than I care to remember - lots of boys loved crochet, knitting, cross stitch etc., and were very good at it!

Well done for changing your profile!


I will start the crochet gig maybe after 15 days can you give me some advices :slight_smile: