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Why do you think people always choose the easiest way to do the things?

Hi guys, I want to ask you a simple and trivial question but that can still make you think and maybe move this post, however for education I introduce myself my name is emanuele I am a graphic designer and for a few weeks I have been publishing content on the forum, but in any case, leaving out all these things we arrive to the point, the question I wanted to ask is:

Why do you think people always choose the easiest way in anything, for the money, to make less effort in your opinion?


I don’t think they always do choose the easiest way in anything. But the easiest way may be the most efficient/quickest and cost-effective.


It’s called “The principle of least effort”.


The easiest way is the most rational way.
The catch lies within desired results. If the results of different ways are identical, any sane person would and should take the easiest route.

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I assume the OP is talking about people trying to cheat the system on Fiverr to stay online, lie about their skills and so on, outsource, just to get more sales.

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I mean the easiest way, maybe choosing between learning how to use a program or using templates, forget the very simple example but it was to make it clear

I don’t understand exactly what’s your point… I mean, are you asking in general or at some specific context?

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It will always be full of dishonest people/sellers as in life outside the internet. Be sure that if you work hard and you do have the right skills, you will be recognised. Professionalism and quality always pays off.
In your context you mean that you create custom logos I suppose by using Illustrator, while there are some sellers who would simply use online automatic tools or ready templates. If you meant that - then there is not an answer to your question. They simply try to make earnings and they are not supposed to sacrifice some time to learn new skills and therefore, they’ll not go further in their career.


That’s why I mentioned the catch in results :slight_smile:
If you can provide absolutely identical result without aquiring any additional skills, that just means those skills are useless to you.
In this example it all depends on your endgoal.
If the end goal is to create a certain design and you already have a premade template for it, there is no reason to take the long route.
If the end goal is to become a designer and provide your clients with customized product, then learning the craft becomes the easiest/most effective route, because in the long run searching for pre-made templates fitting your every client’s needs is going to be harder than just doing it yourself.


for some people maybe my too, if there’s the easiest thing for get good a money i will chose it

Thank you very much for your answer and for the time you took to do it, what I meant was just that but this can be applied in other areas.

I don’t think that does you much pround to yourself

Anyway, thank you all for your interest and for your time

I agree with this to some point. I think everybody should have a well organised library and templates. For example I had t spare some time to create more than 20 of my Quick Reply Templates. In this way I won’t have to write the same thing over and over.
At the same time, in the delivery I include Instructions and other information. I use the same template and simply change the text. It’s called efficiency. Why should I waste the same amount of time into describing the same thing. In my context I would talk about instructions of the usage of my Wordpress Websites. Would you write to every single client, how to use the Blog section? Of course not, it will be mostly the same.

yes it does feel different if we do something with a harder effort

Also, you will be facing many buyers who might tell you stuff like: “It’s too expensive”, “will you do me a discount?”.
I am not gonna lie. Before becoming Level 1, I had low prices, but if someone wants a discount I simply tell him to find other services. Value your time and value your skills.
Some people don’t actually get that they don’t simply pay for a logo. They pay for your time, skills (years of studies, experience), your tools (PC, Software, Internet Connection).


Thank you very much for your time, in addition to clarifying my ideas on many fronts you give me advice on how to proceed with my career on fiverr

This question can be approached from many different angles, but I could theorize from one of them.

(Warning: wall of text - TLDR version at the end of this post)

The most important and non-renewable thing in this world is time (and health to a certain degree, but I digress). No matter how rich or intelligent you are, we as human beings have finite time in this world to do whatever we wish to do. When you have limited time yet a lot of milestones to achieve in life, you naturally want the shortest way to get to all of them.

Enter money, the tool to get most of the things you ever want in life quickly: education, career, house, marriage, worldly pleasure - things that are theoretically achievable without the use of money yet not much so in practice. Hence, everyone needs money; and everyone mostly gets them by working.

Now, there is a reason why people say “work smart, not hard”. A lot of people think this is something only Millennials and/or Generation Z champion, but it only feels so because the impact of not working smart is more significantly felt after the 90’s due to economic globalization.

Cross-border business activities bring opportunities never before seen by people from countries who have lower economic welfare - yet that also means competition is very fierce nowadays, which translates to lower salary/wage being offered by people/companies who merely choose the lowest bid to maximize profits.

If we use Fiverr as a live example, you can understand the effect of uneven supply and demand by the number of new (and even some of the more seasoned) sellers offering their gigs for cheap.

I’m pretty sure nobody wants to put all their effort and hard work to be paid a pittance - especially those who have real skills and experience. So what is the workaround? You work smart.

Maybe you put $5 for your basic gig but limit the value of what your buyers will get. You want the full value? Buy the most expensive gig. Or perhaps you have a template to refer to for your gig so that it doesn’t take a lot of your time and you can work on your gig more efficiently and get more jobs done. Last, we have the highly frowned-upon, unscrupulous sellers who steal or resell or lie about their competency to get a job. These are all working “smart”. And working “smart” makes it “easier” to get money.

However, it is worth noting that if one decided to use unlawful ways to get money quickly, he/she would always get caught eventually - whether reported by fellow sellers who found out about their unethical ways, or by buyers who had a bad experience working with them, or even by the Fiverr staff who stumbled upon them once upon a time.

TLDR: Death comes to all humans, but we want to get lots of good stuff before we perish - and the good stuff can be ours via money. Money is received mostly from jobs, but jobs nowadays are hard to come by because of global competition. To not go mad with being paid peanuts for the rest of our lives, we work smart by doing stuff to minimize our effort and justify the pay. The end.


Humm… I’ve learned from the educators from some specific school of thought i.e., " Believers".

Actually humankind had everything without doing nothing, you know like in heaven. And after demotion to this very Earth, they are stuck in troubles and struggles. Most of them have adjusted with this culture and like challenges and search for one. But still, they want to feel the ease of life. It’s in the nature of humankind to have everything just by thinking about it and there it is. … :thinking:

Well my personal opinion is that people with less experience in life will manage to work less in order to achieve their “goals”. That is because in my opinion those humans function in a very archaic way which makes them want to spend less effort in order to stay calm and survive. People that have worked a lot themselves and have had much more experiences tend to work harder in order to get what they want.

That’s what I think on this…