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Why do you use a time tracker?

Could you please share the reasons why you use (used in the past or are going to use) a time tracking app?
What issues would you like to resolve with its help?


Given that Fiverr is based on quoting a price beforehand and not time and materials, the main reason I would use a time tracker is to determine the actual number of hours I used historically on jobs to have more accurate quotes in future for the time they take.

For example, you might believe that a job will take ten hours and you quote that. Using a time tracker, over several similar jobs, you might find that you consistently take twenty hours for that job. You might then looking at quoting higher in future to cover the actual effort and get paid for the work you a really doing rather than guessing.

It’s one established method in software engineering with Carnegie Mellon’s PSP for improving estimation accuracy, and therefore the number of errors/defects and delivery timeframe accuracy.


I haven’t used one but if it can quite accurately record the time taken in the past for certain jobs it could help prevent late deliveries in the future by allowing a more accurate quote for the number of delivery days (with enough time extra to allow for other things including other orders) + price. It could also tell you whether certain jobs are profitable enough or not really worth doing (eg. whether you’d get a lot more per hour doing something else).

Though you might be able to tell from just looking back on past orders and noting if there were any problems/whether ideally you would have needed more time or whether you had enough. But some jobs can be very different and it can depend on the source files the user gives and exactly what they want doing so that could make estimation difficult.


I do not use time tracker or any other external tools for fiverr. I think fiverr has everything i need to get the job done

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