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Why do you want to be a 5r PRO

I’m curious as to why some want to be a pro? I’ve seen non-pro gigs charge up to $900 so there is nothing stopping you from raising your prices. You don’t really need a label or 5r approval to get “fairly compensated” - so if you want to be a 5r PRO, why?

  • I think the black label is really cool & I want it
  • I want to charge more or be better compensated for my work
  • I think it adds legitimacy to my gig/work
  • Another reason: provide reason below

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Well, Fiverr PRO would introduce me to a new world, clients that come from larger corporations, which would help me build an even stronger reputation for myself. Also, the black label is really cool, and I definitely want it.

I am a designer for over a three years, I am top rated on other platforms, but I don’t have a large social media presence, my social media presence consists of my friends and family. Last time when I applied for “Social Media Marketing” I was rejected, now I replied for “Graphic design for web output”, let’s see how it turns out.


Great answer!

I didn’t think of that, but that is a good reason. :blush::blush:


I couldn´t vote because I don´t want to, under the current application process, bestowal conditions and lack of transparency regarding who would have access to all my personal info/security (I did ask when the program under that other name first got introduced on the forum but never got an answer).
If there was a pro kind of label to be had by them checking the quality of my work, communication etc., sure.
If it was like that, I´d have voted ‘the label is cool and I want it’. :wink:


Like Mark said, if one is not aiming for corporate business, I don’t see why they need a PRO badge.

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I feel as @miiila does. If it involves personal information such as social security numbers I don’t want to give that out to anyone on the internet.

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Really? I was never asked for a social security number on the application process. Maybe it’s if you get chosen?

I was never asked for my SS number.

I like the option of a portfolio on your fiverr page. That seems to only come with being a pro right now. That being said I didn’t apply because it’s not a big deal to me as I have a portfolio that somewhat showcases what I do on my gig.

I applied again for PRO, but in the design category. Would you mind if I contact you in a private message just to exchange few thoughts? But it won’t be today. :slight_smile:

I was told by customer support to apply once again for the category in graphic design called “Print output” :slight_smile:
Edit: Because, you need to do a separate application for each category.

You can contact me, but I covered everything I know about applying for Fiverr Pro in a blog post I wrote - you may find it helpful.

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I have read it. Just, I would like to get your opinion on my write ups. :slight_smile:

Edit: I don’t require proofreading, or things like that, just your opinion if it’s strong enough or not. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I don’t really have time for that right now - I suggest you post it as a general request on the forum.

Okay, it was few sentences. Thanks.