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Why does an incomplete order do not get canceled automatically?


If I’m not mistaken I know somebody posted that incomplete orders after two weeks, if not started, will be cancelled automatically. I tried searching the post about this but can’t seem to find it. I have some incomplete orders from 3 months ago sitting in my active list. I’m not inclined to nudge the buyer because I think they ordered by mistake.

My second question is if the incomplete order automatically gets cancelled, will this add up to my cancellation ratio?

I would appreciate answers on this, or if somebody can point me the link to similar discussion that would be great.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Okay, I got an answer from Ryan of Fiverr CS, I’m posting his message below for others who have the same questions in mind.


I was just browsing the forum and I saw your post:

To answer your questions:

  1. Incomplete orders are not cancelled automatically. Once you nudge a buyer and 7 days have passed since that nudge, you’re given the opportunity to cancel the order.

  2. If you cancel the order by following the instructions above, it wont effect your cancellation rate. Unfortunately if we cancel it, then it adds on to your cancellation rate (something we’re working to fix)

    Hope that helps



    So there’s the answer. Thanks again Ryan! You rock!


… you got only one? i got like 180 incomplete orders sitting there.


any type of cancellation will increase your cancellation ratio. been there and done it as well.


I never cancel those orders. I kinda hope that they’ll come back eventually (although unlikely), plus I don’t want it to add to my cancellations.

When I’ve had support cancel orders, I can’t ever recall it adding to my cancellations.


I haven’t heard of them browsing the forum and answering in this personal way very often. They must really like your gigs. :slight_smile:


Thank you guys for sharing your opinions on this.

I must say that even after I got Ryan’s reply I still don’t want to risk it :slight_smile: I will just ignore those incomplete order for now and wait for Fiverr to do something about. Nothing broken, no fixing needed. I just posted this because I’m curious how others are dealing with it.