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Why does buyer's mistake impacts my order completion in a bad way?


Hi, so I have this one issue, where my buyer often put a wrong order without asking in advance, or they misclick so they ordered multiple times, therefore requesting me to cancel the order.

Because initially my orders number is not that many, my completion % is decreased below 90% just because of the buyer little mistake.

Is it really how it works?


Yes, it is, unfortunately. :neutral_face:


That is really unfortunate. Do you have similar experience as well?

I really hope there’s a feature where the seller have to confirm the order first, so the buyer can’t immediately put the order without information (this also happens few times). Or maybe Am I missing something?


Yes I do… :wink:

There isn’t I’m afraid.

99 times out of 100 all will be fine, but there is the chance of getting a buyer who doesn’t read the gig description, doesn’t understand them and orders regardless etc. Thankfully, the majority of buyers are fabulous, problems are few and far between, and Fiverr’s model of allowing buyers to order without a yes/no type response from the seller works well. It’s just an unfortunate side effect that when it doesn’t work, it works badly in the seller’s favour.

Never mind, onwards and upwards! :sunny:


yep. sadly yes… all of the ratings,rankings systems are fully automated. nothing fiverr can do manually about it even if it was not your fault. we are all experiencing these side effects.


It may be possible for some sellers to salvage those mistaken orders, or the orders where the buyer didn’t consult first with the seller.

I hope that sellers can use ingenuity to not automatically cancel each wrong order but instead try to offer something that the buyer would like, or work with the buyer.


There is an option for the buyer to cancel the order with the option to choose ‘ordered by mistake’ which does not affect your order completion rate.

This is something I found out a few months back. When a buyer orders by mistake, kindly ask them to cancel the order and select the option ‘ordered by mistake’… Any reasonable person will do this and your order completion ratings stay safe and secure :slight_smile:


If that were possible, surely that’s what the buyer would have ordered in the first place?

There’s little point in them wanting to buy an apple and me saying that I don’t sell apples, but I can do you a banana instead. :slightly_smiling_face:

If they’d wanted a banana, why not just order the banana in the first place?


You might be surprised by what a little good salesmanship can accomplish.


Not if I’ve only got apples and no bananas! :rofl:


I’m saying it’s possible much of the time. I don’t want sellers to immediately give up and cancel without a fight, meaning try some options to offer the buyer first.


A good way to get a customer to know exactly what they are purchasing is by adding a terms and conditions section in the requirements bit of the order. I do this for my customer so they know exactly what they are purchasing from me. They read the terms and conditions and either accept or decline. If they decline at this stage the order is cancelled easily without your figures being affected.


No - they still go down even if you choose this option.

Any of the choices available including having CS cancel them for you count against sellers.

Not true I’m afraid.


I’ve seen some sellers in my section putting in all caps in the description No Refunds, which I am considering doing. I want to give notice of my terms before buyers purchase my gigs.


It would be ideal, but you can’t make up terms and conditions which may be at odds with Fiverr’s Ts and Cs.


Well since I never send any deliveries that are late, missing, empty or not as described that wouldn’t be a problem. I’ve never done those things once.


That’s not what I’m referring to - if you say something along the lines of ‘all purchases are final and no refunds are offered’, then the buyer goes to CS and asks for a refund anyway:

  1. they’ll get the refund
  2. you might get into bother for putting in a restriction which isn’t included in their terms of service.


I’ve had buyers ask CS for refunds twice and both times were turned down by them.
I do not deliver anything that is eligible for a refund.


I have had the same issue. A few buyers have decided to cancel the order or replace the order and my order completion rate went down which ended up in a downgraded level. This is very frustrating as sellers have no control over when the buyers want, all we can do is to accommodate them in the most polite way possible and take the hit which hurts our bottom line. Sad.


You don’t need to deliver anything for them to ask for a refund if it’s an ‘ordered by mistake’. :wink:

That’s the whole point! :rofl: