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Why does chat flag the use of the word pay?

Potential customers commonly ask me the price of a service, regardless of the fact that my prices are on the gig page (occasionally its for a service that’s not specifically priced on the gig).

Whenever I use the dollar sign word pay fiverr warns me against getting paid off site…

how would I use a $ in a sentence arranging off site payment? it doesn’t even make sense.

Our customers all must pay, if I use the word doesn’t mean I’m harassing them!

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That is weird - I talk to a lot of potential clients about pricing in Inbox, and I use the $ a lot with them, but I’ve never gotten any warnings or notices. Only words like “pay” give a warning, but not $ :thinking:

I hope it’s not a “new feature” being released to everyone, because that would be a totally absurd messaging restriction :roll_eyes:

Although with all weird and illogical features implemented, I think this :arrow_down: has become the norm on Fiverr :frowning:


oh, maybe that’s it “pay” not “$”

either way, what’s the matter?

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Ha, we got a winner :smiley:

Try staying away from words like “pay” or “paypal” :wink:


Same here. I’ve never had a problem with using the $ sign.


oh, because “pay” might be related to paypal? :rofl:

obviously our customers have to pay! but the word pay is suspicious?

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It might also be used in the context where a seller could be demanding buyers to pay them (against their will).


yes of course, that is called “lead conversion” :stuck_out_tongue:

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ROFL :laughing: :rofl:

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I use the word pay and get a red warning sign but use it anyway. It’s a good word and does not indicate at least in my case that I am asking for money outside of fiverr.


Same thing with money, I’ve used it recently, got that annoying warning, but nothing happened. Oh, wait, there was something strange - the site started acting weird, giving me server errors and stopped working for a short while :thinking:

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At least your account is not auto-banned for using certain words. :grimacing:


Papaya is suspicious, too.


unless it’s shredded green papaya, I agree with you, papaya is suspect

Legendary comment ever

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Just break it into three words, Pap ay a

The same with taxpayer, copay, payments, etc.

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If you aren’t breaking the TOS, then it’s nothing to worry about. I talk about price, cost, money, etc. all the time but am not asking for ANYTHING against the rules. They can check all they want but if there’s nothing to hide, there’s nothing to fear.

Hi,use word EXTRA COST.i think that might works.

Even I got warning just bcaz of one of clients username has money word in it.

Using the word money sets it off so I use the $ symbol.